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July 18th madman market analysis: the currency circle is still in the state of survival, brave people eat big meat industry

Market analysis Bitcoin: Libra’s business has come to an end, and the market’s sentiment has been released a lot. It’s good to be bad. From the daily line of Bitcoin yesterday, we can see that we have received a heavy volume. Today, although the overall rebound is weak. However, the short-term shorts are beginning to […]

Analyst: In the short term, the rising space of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and BNB may be limited.

Analyst Aayush Jindal said today (July 17) that "short-term cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, BCH, EOS and XLM may be limited." At the same time, the analyst analyzed the recent market performance of BCH, BNB, LTC and TRX. He pointed out that yesterday BCH tested the resistance level of 320 US dollars, but […]

July 16 madman market analysis: Libra aborted the US version 94 is coming soon?

Market analysis Bitcoin: The rebound only took a day to directly attack the strong pressure of 11000. Today, after the heavy volume attack, there was a clear callback. Now the daily level has a double top and double bottom trend. If the market is weak, Bitcoin will be at 10000- 11000 continues to oscillate. If […]

Analysis of the madman market on July 11: the double-short market giant earthquake capital aspirations enhance

Market analysis Bitcoin: Today, the currency has set the minimum order amount for bitcoin transactions from 0001 to 00001. I really hope that in the lifetime of life, it can be adjusted to 00000001, so that bitcoin is really valued by "Cong". No matter how fast bitcoin falls, the madman is not flustered at all. […]

Analysis of the madman market on July 10: USDT will be destroyed after the protagonist of the coin.

Market analysis Bitcoin: Yesterday, a fan suggested it. "This market is not analyzed in addition to Bitcoin. There is no use of a bunch of useless values ​​every day." Although this is not very good, it is a fact. The newly printed USDT almost all entered Bitcoin, which means that after the USDT collapsed, only […]