Tesla may be best for a coin

Yesterday, Musk’s news of “calling the dog” was soaring, because April Fool’s Day had passed, and until William wrote this article, Musk still did not come out “dispelling”, so people are still guessing his intention.

I will confirm it again. Musk’s profile is still “the former dog coin CEO”. The first tweet is still the article “Dog coins are undervalued”:

In fact, it’s true and false, and everyone is happy. (After sending the article, I took another look and the note has been changed, but the article is still there.)

In fact, I always think that Tesla (and Space X rocket project) and the most suitable for IC0 companies. In 2017, when I introduced this financing model to people who don't understand IC0, others would argue that only companies that are not to be seen by mainstream investment institutions need to come to IC0. “Positive enterprises” do not need to go this way. . My general example is Tesla, because Tesla is really suitable for IC0, if all conditions allow.

I am serious and analyze such a thing.


1. Musk hopes that "there is no SEC in heaven."

Friends who are familiar with Musk or who are concerned about Tesla’s stock should be aware that Musk’s SEC’s targeting of “personal life style” is not a double return. The biggest mistake is that Musk claims to be In the "repurchase of stocks", Musk paid a heavy price for reconciliation with the SEC:

And Musk took a marijuana (legal) and was also eyeing.

Even, Musk sang a song on April Fool's Day, all starred by the SEC:

So if Musk can find a place without the SEC's "claw" to let Tesla go online, isn't that really good?

2. Tesla is “belonging to the future” like cryptocurrency.

I took a look at Tesla’s earnings report. Tesla is a company that is growing fast but still losing money:

I wrote in the article "Transformation" that although Tesla is still losing money, Tesla has already caused great threats to many traditional car companies, including BMW. In a few years, There will be traditional car companies can not withstand the huge impact, exit the stage.

And such a team and "project" full of vigor and futuristic, isn't it the favorite of the currency circle? Moreover, the team is really doing something.

3, Tesla enthusiasts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts overlap very high

If you say that an entrepreneur outside the circle is the most concerned about the currency, it should be that Mask can't run. Even if Musk explained it over and over again, "I really don't have bitcoin," the masses and the media did not believe it. Because Musk seems to be a bitcoin person, even in the "Who might be Nakamoto" survey, Musk's name often appears on the list.

And people who like Tesla and like Bitcoin have such commonalities:

First, I am curious about new things, especially new things in the field of science and technology, and I don't want to miss the possible new trends.

Second, the price is not sensitive. After all, Tesla's depreciation rate can be much higher than that of traditional well-known brands such as Mercedes-Benz BMW.

Third, I hope that I can participate in the "historical process."

The fourth is very young, at least the mentality is very young.

These points have brought a problem: the people who bought Tesla and the people who bought Tesla stock did not overlap very much. But if Tesla sends a coin, people who like Tesla may buy some coins. After all, in many places (such as China), investing in Tesla stocks (US stocks) is subject to a lot of conditions, and those who invest in Tesla stocks may not understand Tesla's revolutionary nature.

Of course, if a well-known company like Musk and a well-known company like Tesla can enter the cryptocurrency market, it must also bring great traffic and attention to this market, which is undoubtedly a win-win situation.

But for a number of reasons, this is currently difficult to do because traditional shackles are too much.

You know, when Facebook wants to issue coins, they set up a cryptocurrency team, and the biggest one is the Legal Department, which specializes in studying what they want to do to avoid existing laws and not step on the minefield.

For the cryptocurrency, the traditional financial world still does not know how to accept and supervise, so if it is a small company, it will let it go, and then grow up to clean up. And if a big company wants to send a coin, it will be stared at the minute, sung, reviewed, etc. In short, it will not let you comfortably avoid their already mature and perfect "blood sucking system". The entire interest chain is already very tight. For example, when Alibaba went to the city last year, Ma Yun smashed more than one billion to the companies on Wall Street, and finally he was able to ring the clock on Nasdaq.

It is not easy to subvert traditional things. Sometimes even the drastic reforms will not work, so we call the cryptocurrency a "revolution."

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