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Investment is risky: who is more at risk from Bitcoin and Apple stocks?

According to Cointelegraph, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are compared to FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) companies because of their network effects. The basic principle of exponential growth in value due to the increase in the number of people using Facebook or the App Store platform is also applicable to cryptocurrencies: the more people […]

Cook: Apple has no intention of pushing digital cryptocurrencies, hoping that trade barriers in Europe and the United States will return to normal.

According to foreign media reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Thursday that he hopes to see trade barriers in Europe and the United States return to normal. For the current high-profile digital cryptocurrency project, Cook said that Apple has no plans yet . Cook said in a conversation with students in Florence, Italy yesterday: […]

iPhone11 spy photos out, will also support cryptocurrency?

Image Source / Love Fan Some time ago, there was a spy photo of @BenGeskin, which exposed a rendering of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. The rear three shots were very eye-catching. The "Yuba" status is getting more stable. Image Source / Love Fan Just ask you hot and not spicy eyes~ However, […]

Apple's CryptoKit is related to cryptography, but not to password currency

Apple released a new " CryptoKit " framework at the recent Global Developers Conference (WWDC 2019). Through this framework, software developers can safely and efficiently execute specific encryption algorithms in Apple's upcoming new systems, iOS 13, macOS 10.15 and tvOS 13. This news excited the friends of the currency circle. As we all know, the […]

Apple introduced CryptoKit, an encryption developer tool, and the large-scale adoption of encryption is coming soon?

According to Newsbtc's June 5 report, Cupertino-based technology giant Apple held its annual Global Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 4th, releasing the latest product lineup, although new products. First released to the public, but the theme of the conference is mainly about the future development of the Apple Software Development Kit (SDK). Among them, a […]

Buying "Apple" is worse than buying BTC: This year's BTC market performance surpassed Apple stock

Since January 1 this year, Apple's share price has been good, has risen by 34%, but still lower than the price increase (55%) of Bitcoin in the same period. Image source: Apple stock rose in 2019 It is safe to say that Apple made a better start in 2019. Since January 1, the company's share […]