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Strong alliance, EY, Microsoft and ConsenSys build Ethereum middleware Baseline Protocol

EY, Microsoft and blockchain consulting giant ConsenSys have jointly created the "Baseline Protocol", a middleware solution for large companies to conduct private communications and transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was announced earlier today. According to the statement, the agreement is "an open source project that combines advanced technologies in cryptography, messaging, and blockchain […]

Known as Bitcoin 2.0, it almost died? A quick glance at the past and present of ETC

  March wind April rain The sun that doesn't set and the best star / shame / Eyes narrowed in March getting closer Have you heard the rattling horseshoe Wake up , that's not your beautiful mistake That is-the upcoming half-day group     The first thing that came to us was ETC Chinese name […]

The future of Ethereum determines the future of the blockchain?

In my previous articles, my top choices for long-term investments are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is because it is a symbol or belief of the entire blockchain industry, and its consensus is incomparable; Ethereum is because it represents the development direction and future of the entire blockchain technology. Purely in the blockchain industry itself, there […]

When will 1 billion Ethereum transactions occur?

Foreword: The number of Ethereum transactions in 2019 is 242.8 million. When will it break through the 1 billion annual transactions? Can we achieve this goal in three years? The core is the supply-side developers, including the development of ETH2.0, and the development of the ecosystem around ETH (such as DeFi, games, etc.). It may […]

Research: Over the past ten years, 24 crypto networks have processed more than 3.1 billion transactions and transferred funds of $ 4.6 trillion

According to The Block reported on February 24, Blocknative, an Ethereum transaction record tracking company, found through research that 24 cryptocurrency networks processed more than 3.1 billion transactions from 2009 to mid-2019; collectively contributing to a total price of more than $ 4.6 trillion Of the transfers, 96% of which occurred between 2017 and 2019. […]

Perspectives | Two Sides of Ethereum

"We always imagine that in science fiction movies, there will be something that looks like humans, and will reveal the mask to confirm that it is a robot … In reality, it is exactly the other way round. We removed the robot's mask and confirmed that it was actually A person……" -Eric Weinstein 's metaphor […]

Read ZK Rollup and Optimistic Rollup in one article: Ethereum's important expansion direction

Foreword: For many years, scalability has plagued the public chain. Some solutions for scalability are in the proof of concept, and some are in the research and development. Optimistic Rollup and Zk Rollup are also extensible solutions and have drawn great interest from the crypto community. So, what exactly is Optimistic Rollup and ZK Rollup? […]

Review of the state of the blockchain network in 2019: BTC and ETH are far ahead

Original author: Coin Metrics Translator: Barley Source: Satoshi Shinmoto CoinMetrics released a review of the state of the blockchain network in 2019. In this special edition of the network state, it reviewed the mainstream crypto assets (Top 18) in 2019 (calculation cycle: January 1, 2019 to December 30, 2019). Performance in each category: asset performance, […]

Babbitt Column | The main driver of the evolution of consensus algorithms: humanity

Author: wind Lemna Editor's note: The original title was "The Main Pusher of the Evolution Track of Consensus Algorithms" The consensus algorithm, according to the standard interpretation, specifies how legal blocks on the blockchain are generated and selects blockchains that conflict with each other at the same height. In simple terms, it is to solve […]

Babbitt Column | Ethereum developers arrested, showing that the carrier that disrupts U.S. financial hegemony may be the public chain

On November 30, the Federal Prosecutor's Office for the Southern District of New York and the FBI announced that they had arrested Virgil Griffith, a research scientist at the Ethereum Foundation, and accused him of violating the Emergency Economic Powers Act. The reason is as follows: After the U.S. State Department banned Griffith from visiting […]