The Ethereum core development team considered adding a hard fork frequency and gave 4 reasons.

Ethereum core development team considers increasing hard fork frequency and gives 4 reasons

According to the two-week meeting on April 12th, Ethereum core developers are considering implementing smaller and more frequent hard forks.

Conference host Tim Beiko raised the issue of the time interval of hard forks, which he considered to be a topic of ongoing discussion. Another developer then cited the position previously expressed by core developer Alexey Akhunov to support the shortening of the fork interval and began the discussion.

When asked whether the hard fork time was shortened to 3 months, most developers responded negatively or temporarily, and they thought it was too fast to shorten to 3 months on the current basis.

Developer Martin Holst Swende concluded that:

"Our idea is not to arrange a hard fork every three months, but to see if the function has been completed, whether there is a test case, whether it is implemented on all clients. If it has been implemented, we will soon be able to hard Forked."

Developers also cited topics that were previously discussed at the Ethereum Developer Forum. In the first discussion article on March 15, Beiko listed the advantages and disadvantages of smaller, more frequent hard forks, and noted that the team discussed the topic at the development conference call that day.

Some arguments to support this approach include :

More frequent protocol updates

Focus on the target more clearly

Reduce hard fork deployment time

Test process is simpler

In addition, discussions about making fewer hard forks are in progress, and less frequent forks can leave enough time for security assessments and do not require frequent client updates. (encrypted valley live)

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