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Blockchain game Decentraland, Second Life and the future of the virtual world

Editor's Note: The original title was "Decentraland, Second Life and the Future of the Virtual World" There is an online virtual world called "Second Life" that was once famous. At that time, an avatar user named "Zhong Anshe" earned more than 1 million US dollars by operating virtual real estate, which became a business. The […]

3D virtual reality social platform Sensorium Galaxy game exclusive currency then boarded the international leading trading platform

On April 6, 2020 (Los Angeles time), Sensorium Galaxy, the world ’s first 3D virtual reality (VR) online entertainment social platform, announced the launch of Senso coins in the world after it released its exclusive coin Senso in the world last month. The leading cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC, as another major measure of its global expansion, […]

4D Interview | Reveal the story behind "crypto cat" and the killer of "Flow"

Guide: Speaking of "cryptocat", everyone can say that the name is in the circle of the blockchain. This game that blocked Ethereum as soon as it came online at the end of 17 has shown everyone the imagination of Dapp and NFT charm. Over the past two years, a series of news has been circulating […]

What are the expectations for 2020 blockchain games? I interviewed 5 senior practitioners

If you ask: In the blockchain industry, what segments of the practitioners are the most interesting? I would say: not a financial expert in a suit and rigorous seriousness, nor a technical coffee that is full of formulas and architecture diagrams on PPT, but a blockchain game practitioner who uses creativity and technology to prop […]

Why have non-homogeneous tokens not yet had a chance to erupt in the crypto world?

Author: Lu distant Source: Lao Lu's Blockchain Notes Foreword : 2019 is almost over. Most of the well-known blockchain games this year are TCG (GodsUnchainedCards). These games have attracted more attention and are more exquisite than previous games. With the low frequency of TCG game asset exchanges and the good support of wallet tools, they […]

INFUN CEO Peng Yang: To be the disruptor of building a new ecosystem in the blockchain game industry

The birth of blockchain technology has brought a lot of new concepts, but also tells the practitioner a new story, a story about the future. This story will not only affect the game industry, but also the industry based on the existing Internet system. In this new story, blockchain game products are spontaneously distributed through […]

Nintendo, Atari, Sony, the former king battle, how to influence blockchain games?

Source | Hackernoon Editor | maozz Produced | Blockchain Base Camp (blockchain_camp) At present, the hottest "League of Legends S9 Global Finals" in the game circle has come to an end. With the fanaticism of fans, the champion finally fell to North America. "League of Legends" is a game that affects hundreds of millions of […]

Tucao: What are the three major card chain tours?

Source: DappReview Guide: DappReview has always been a loyal fan of blockchain games, but when you see a chain tour with good looks and unique features, you can't help but stand up and drum up. Recently, a friend told us that these so-called chain tours are far worse than mobile games. You are so touting, […]

Encrypted cat team's new work "Cheese Wizard" in-depth experience: the data is bleak, unable to continue the brilliant player duel

Introduction: CryptoKitties has brought endless inspiration and imagination to the blockchain. Its development team, Dapper Labs, became famous for its war and received huge financing. But Dapper Labs' second work, Cheese Wizard, is only 1.3% of CryptoKitties, and the cheese wizard has not been able to become a masterpiece like CryptoKitties. This article explores the […]

Network effects in blockchain games: content is still king

Author: Dmitriy Berenzon – Research Partner @ Zenith Ventures // Alum @ CoinFund, Blockchain @ Berkeley, Berkeley-Haas Source: DappReview Introduction: Two months ago, we wrote an article entitled "Content is King" , which uses the VR industry and the console game industry as an example to illustrate the dilemma in the application of blockchain applications […]