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3480 kilometers apart, why did the Shenzhen company get a billion-dollar blockchain project in Harbin?

Text | Interlink Pulse · Golden Car An unknown Shenzhen company, spanning 3480 kilometers, won a Harbin Blockchain contract of 1 billion yuan. This news happened recently. Harbin Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Shenzhen UBI Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as UBI) reached a cooperation. Both parties will build digital asset exchanges, develop […]

World Economic Forum: Can the blockchain get rid of the speculation in 2020?

Source of this article: People's Post and Telegraph Author: Sheila Warren, chain blocks and books distributed platform technology director, World Economic Forum (Image source: Statista) Blockchain must transform from a popular term into a true business model. In 2019, the focus on blockchain has shifted from hype to quality. In 2020, blockchain has the opportunity […]

Under review: how to conduct due diligence on a blockchain project (technical articles)

Author / Gene Deyev Compilation / Blocklike Lan Wen The author of this article is Gene Deyev. Gene is the CEO of STObox, a US digital securities issuance, management, and trading settlement platform. He has 20 years of experience in business and financial markets. . The content of this translation is its recently published article […]

How are overseas blockchain developments? We analyzed 34 blockchain companies at the 2020 CES show

Article 丨 Interlink Pulse · Yuan Shang Reprinted without authorization! On January 7, 2020, the annual World Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off. According to mutual chain pulse statistics, 34 blockchain companies participated in the exhibition, concentrated in Sands, Hall (Sands Hall). In addition, there are several blockchain forums. In terms of quantity, there are […]

Babbit Column | Four basic questions to answer before a blockchain project begins

Since General Secretary Xi Jinping raised the blockchain technology to a national strategic level on October 24, it is expected that more blockchain technology projects will begin later. Due to the universality of blockchain technology, it can be applied to multiple industries in the society, which will fully make up for the lack of existing […]

Analysis | The remainder is king: who can survive the spring?

Introduction In November 2019, China launched a new wave of supervision of digital token exchanges. This week's special topic will summarize the characteristics of foreign compliance exchanges listed on the shelf, and explore which projects can persist until the spring of the blockchain industry. Summary Topic: The remainder is king, who can survive the spring? […]

Babbitt Column | Blockchain Project Governance, Rules and Influence

I. Constantly mentioned governance issues Today, I read Yang Haipo's article "Bitcoin's Bifurcation" . He mentioned in his article that decentralized governance has gone bankrupt under the POW consensus mechanism. He said this: In the entire Bitcoin expansion and fork event, it was also revealed that Bitcoin was actually mastered by developers, not miners. Although […]

Babbitt column | Shenzhen digital currency mobile payment pilot zone prequel

On August 18, 2019, the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Supporting the Construction of the Pioneering Zone for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Shenzhen" was published in full, and the fifth article "Accelerating the Construction of a Modern Industrial System" clearly stated that it supports the development of […]

Babbitt column | Blockchain project financing or not financing, this is a problem

First, the blockchain, angel or devil? At present, there are two extreme views on the blockchain in the society. The first is that the blockchain is the future, it is a very great innovation, and it is the greatest technological revolution after the Internet. The other view is that the blockchain There is no practical […]

Do not understand technology? Talking about project investment opportunities from the operational level

We live in this world, not just to pursue our own happiness, but to contribute to others. – Mother Teresa A new round of financing boom is coming in the form of IEO. Many old projects in the market are still struggling to survive, and new projects have to divert funds. The projects in the […]