Quick Overview of Five GameFi Projects Worth Paying Attention to in ETHGlobal Hackathon

Five noteworthy GameFi projects in ETHGlobal Hackathon.

Encryption analyst Surf has researched 132 projects from the ETHGlobal hackathon and selected five GameFi projects worth noting, namely Pledger, Autonomous Game of Life, Trade Wars, OPCraft2, and Mudtendo.

This hackathon is only for GameFi projects based on ETH, and participants use the new framework MUD specifically designed for on-chain games. There are four main award categories: 1) Optimism (3 winners): running MUD applications on OP; 2) 0xBlockingRC (3 winners): advanced cryptography applied to MUD; 3) Lattice (3 winners): the most creative use of MUD; 4) NFT Storage (10 winners): the best use of Storage helpers.

The projects are as follows: 1) Pledger: built on the principle of public positive commitment. Users make and prove their commitments, earning “reputation” from their achievements. The image is uploaded to IPFS using NFT storage, and the content hash is stored as part of the commitment “submission artifact”; 2) Autonomous Game of Life: a decentralized multiplayer game based on MUD2, built using MUD V2 on OP Goerli, optimized for storage size and supporting autonomous and multiplayer games; 3) Trade Wars: an interactive 2D game on-chain with MUD V2 and React frontend, allowing for maritime trade, battles, and resource arbitrage in autonomous and location-restricted AMM economies.

4) OPCraft2: extends user-created blocks (redstone) to enhance gameplay and encourage Minecraft-like behavior. Players can build complex circuits just like in Minecraft; 5) Mudtendo: a MUD application for short-term play of old Nintendo games, with each session creating a “checkpoint” similar to a blockchain, allowing any player to start from it and creating a different game reality with each move.

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xsurferboy/status/1666994627294142464

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