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Policy “ripens” blockchain application, China's number of landed projects increased by 110% in November

Source: Interchain Pulse Author: Liangshan Huarong The "1024 Conference" fully stimulated the vitality of China's blockchain application market. According to the incomplete statistics of the Interchain Pulse Institute, in November 2019, a total of 86 blockchain application projects were disclosed worldwide, of which 57 were disclosed by China, an increase of about 110% from the […]

Research Report | The Status Quo of the Application of Blockchain in the Logistics Industry and the Three Challenges Facing the Landing

Overview This article will explore the enabling concepts and examples of blockchain in global trade logistics, supply chain transparency and traceability, and business process areas in logistics. At the same time, this article will explain the current difficulties and challenges in the last part. Report Status of the logistics industry Complex and inefficient information flows […]

Viewpoint | Rather than technological breakthroughs, asset chaining requires more institutional building

Author: Lightning Huang Shiliang Original title: "Online Assets Need System Construction, Not Technology Breakthrough" On-chain assets have many benefits, but compared to off-chain assets, the total amount of on-chain assets is quite small. Off-chain assets can be converted into on-chain assets, which is a win-win for the chain and assets. What are the benefits of […]

IMF Liu Yan: Legal definition of digital currency is the basis of regulation

Author: Little new interview: Yu Ye Source of this article: WeChat public account new financial review Entering the era of digital earth and digital economy, currency has also entered a new evolutionary trajectory. On January 3, 2009, Bitcoin was born, and people began to think more about the meaning of digital currency … In 2019, […]

4D long text explains the latest development of Ethereum

Written in front: This article consists of 15 sub-articles written by 20 professional Ethereum developers. They are divided into different clients, Ewasm, formal verification, Remix, Plasma, ETH 2.0, Solidity, status channel, ZoKrates and other subdivisions. The research and development work was summarized and the original text was published on the Ethereum Foundation (EF) official website […]

Clash of Bulls and Bulls, 50-Week Golden Line Operation! 11/30 market analysis

When the price of the currency is near the "50-week gold line," the long and short double kills, and BTC close to the 50-week line often forms a turning point in the trend. This chart is the 50-week moving average of BTC. It can be seen that once the price of the currency strengthens next […]

Market Analysis: BTC's weak adjustment has not yet ended, and the trend of mainstream currency is facing a change

Fundamental Yesterday, BTC broke into the 8500 area, causing a rebound but failed to form an effective rebound. It continued to fall to 8400 in the evening, and the decline further spread. Today's trend is in the vicinity of 8400-8500, and the trend is weak. The posture of adjustment still has a tendency to continue […]

Draw a blockchain social portrait

In addition to the well-known financial sector, the application of blockchain in many other industries is gradually evolving. The blockchain system provides an alternative framework for human social life that differs from traditional centralized organizations and centralized governance. How to make this information technology architecture better serve human social life depends not only on the […]

Shanghai will complete the work on the virtual currency trading venue before November 22

Source: China Securities Journal · China Securities Network The China Securities Journal reporter was informed that the Shanghai Financial Stability Joint Office and the People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters Mutual Rehabilitation Office jointly issued the "Notice on Launching the Renovation of Virtual Currency Trading Places" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") on November 14. […]

Science | Xinhua Daily: Bitcoin is the first successful application of blockchain technology

Author: Geng strong (Nanjing University Business School professor) Luo Yu Han Source: Xinhua Daily Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in recent years. Is it the inevitable trend of future currency development, or is it another "tulip bulb" that is frantically hyped? First of all, Bitcoin is not a tangible currency. It is […]