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Ant Blockchain latest technology thinking: cross-chain standards, hardware, and IoT convergence have become three major trends

This article Source: Ants block chain Author: Yan Ying (ant gold clothing chain Technical Director block, hospital block chain Dharma senior technical experts) based on the current trends and the degree of accumulation block chain technology business, predict 2020 In general, mature businesses will move from single-chain collaboration to cross-chain collaboration and form a larger-scale […]

Year-end inventory | A complete overview of the coolest blockchain technology in 2019

The balance in 2019 is already insufficient, and the development of blockchain technology is so fast. After this year, do you know what happened in this world? Can't remember? It ’s okay, let ’s take a moment to review them together. These objects are Bitcoin, Ethereum, cross-chain technology, privacy technology, and alliance chain (not mentioned, […]

Popular science | Talking about multi-chain design and cross-chain interaction of smart contracts

Source: Wanxiang Blockchain This article is Wu Xiao, CEO of Pure White Matrix, at the twelfth (December 20) event of Wanxiang Blockchain Hive Academy, "Technology Changes the World: The Coming Web3.0 Era" Multi-chain design and cross-chain interaction. Wu Xiao shared his understanding of blockchain and Web 3.0 from various aspects such as what is Web […]

Ernst & Young report: 75% of surveyed companies intend to use the public chain, interoperability is the core issue of the license chain

Recently, the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) released an investigation report on the company's intention to adopt the public chain. It commissioned Forrester to conduct interviews and surveys with 233 companies in the United States, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The results showed that: Although most companies are currently using private chains, their […]

2020 Focus Preview: Read the core of cross-chain technology and understand blockchain interoperability

Written by: Lucas Nuzzi (co-founder and technical director of Digital Asset Research, a crypto asset research organization) Compile: Zhan Juan Source: Chain News This article is part of the "2020 Focus Preview" series of articles launched by Lianwen. 2019 is the year that Cosmos started its ecology. With the launch of Cosmos Hub and IRISnet […]

SheKnows 丨 self-evolution, how does the public chain lead technological innovation?

From the birth of Bitcoin, to the emergence of smart contracts, to the cross-chain cross-chain, public chains have led almost every major technological innovation. However, from the TPS competition, to the Dapp ecological competition, and then to the beachfront DeFi, the road to public landing has never been smooth. At the same time, major manufacturers […]

Getting Started with Blockchain | Cross-chain: The Future You Want Without It

Thirty years ago, you asked your friends: What is the Internet? That might be a bunch of strange and tall terms. In today's society 30 years later, when you ask "What is the Internet", the answer must not be a definition that seems to understand, but: WeChat, Baidu, online shopping, e-sports … one familiar application […]

Cross-chain investment opportunities and three pool model analysis

As the saying goes: The train is ringing, the gold is two thousand, it is very suitable for use in the cross-chain. If there is a similar sentence, there is another sentence: to get rich, first repair the road. Cross-chain is the road and railway between blockchains. By connecting many existing public chains and a […]