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Introduction | tBTC: A New Bitcoin Sidechain Design

tBTC is a Bitcoin anchor token recently announced on Ethereum . The purpose of cross-chain anchoring tokens is to copy assets from one chain to another while maintaining the characteristics of the assets as much as possible. In other words, a cross-chain can turn any blockchain into a Bitcoin sidechain. The concept of sidechain was […]

Do you know the blockchain chain 25 | How deep is the side chain & cross chain water? You still have this 6-point equipment!

Hello everyone, welcome to the ignorant blockchain. I don’t rely on the fat value of the talented person. After the last two sidechains and cross-chain topics, we received the anti-quality feedback from the netizens. (suspect), today we will talk about N big questions about cross-chain & sidechain ! 1. The birth and development of cross-chain […]

Babbitt column | What is the cross-chain across?

Chapter 0 Introduction Cross-chain is the most popular technology in this year's blockchain. There are many projects with cross-chain technology. The main battlefields of superstar cosmos and polkadot are cross-chain. But what does it mean to cross the chain? Chapter 1 Asset Cross-Chain Cross-chain technology has emerged very early, and in 2013 there was a […]

Babbitt column | Can the coin push the public chain and the decentralized exchange, can it surpass Ethereum?

According to reports, the currency chain opened on April 23 and switched to the main network. The BNB price ushered in the 11th week, and the market gave positive feedback. According to channel information such as Zhao Changpeng's founder, the coin chain is based on the Cosmos side chain development, and the block speed is […]

Getting started with blockchain | In addition to Cosmos, there are also Polkadot

On March 14, the Cosmos main network, which was postponed for more than a year, was successfully launched. The founder of the Ethereum, V God, congratulated by forwarding the tweet. In the global celebration of the Cosmos main online line on March 31, Xiao Feng of the Wanxiang blockchain delivered a speech, saying that “with […]

From layered design to cross-chain chaining, what is the difference between Cosmos and NULS?

With the value of blockchain technology becoming more prominent, it has been actively embraced and supported by more and more countries and regions, and many well-known enterprises have begun to lay out blockchains. Compared with traditional software development, blockchain technology is difficult and the cost of enterprise chain building is high. And the current blockchains, […]

Cross-chain interaction and continuous steady state thinking based on the main chain structure of the main sub-chain structure

1. Blockchain expansion puzzle As the first blockchain to apply and run the most trusted public chain so far, Bitcoin continues to be the focus of the entire chain. In fact, there is no clear block ceiling between the day when Bitcoin appeared on January 4, 2009 and October 1, 2010. According to the data […]