Jinan, Shandong: When the blockchain meets government service, it takes only one hour for the company to start.

A citizen submitted the materials, and in less than half an hour, he got a business license in front of his own terminal. (Photographing Song Cui)

People's Daily Online Jinan, June 27 (Song Cui) "I didn't expect the staff to be so enthusiastic and thoughtful. I didn't expect the procedure to open the company so simple. I didn't expect to get a business license in 20 minutes!" Recently, the reporter was in Jinan City, Shandong Province. The high-tech district government service center encountered Li Enhai, a citizen who came to work. He repeatedly felt that he was full of happiness.

In June 2018, Jinan City proposed to deepen the "one-time implementation" reform. In this regard, Jinan High-tech Zone has achieved the “one thing” in the eyes of the masses, and promoted the “Internet + Government Service” by means of scientific and technological means, established a collaborative management and control platform that connects the business systems of various departments, and developed “Enterprises to start once. The system is implemented; the blockchain technology is used to realize the reliable transmission of digital certificates. It has reduced the cost of repeatedly submitting licenses and proof materials, and has also reduced the cost of repeated audits by staff.

"Before the company was very troublesome, I had to run a lot of departments and do a lot of formalities. I didn't expect to use it for 25 minutes today. My business license came out." Li Enhai happily told reporters that he came to the hall at 10 o'clock. Opened a “Complete Window” and submitted relevant materials. Due to the unfamiliar business, under the guidance of the staff, the real-name certification was completed with the mobile phone in only 5 minutes. After submitting the audit materials, I got a business license in front of the self-service terminal. Then, the official seal filing, official seal engraving, social security registration, bank pre-opening and other businesses are also completed, all used only 1 hour.

"This speed is called "speed"! And it saves me to run around, it is too convenient!" Li Enhai is very satisfied.

“We have developed a collaborative management and control platform for government services.” Yuan Zhiping, Administrative Service and Approval Administration of Jinan High-tech Zone, told reporters that using technical means, under the premise of not affecting the business systems of various departments, the collaborative management and control platform has broken the “information island”. And the "data chimney", the online collaboration between the business systems of various departments.

In the "enterprise start once to complete" comprehensive window, the people handling the materials to get the business license and official seal at one time, the shortest time is 45 minutes. The picture shows a citizen in the relevant business. (Photographing Song Cui)

On this basis, Jinan High-tech Zone has built a digital license system based on blockchain, which supports “enterprise start-up”, which realizes the reliable transmission of electronic licenses between departments and real-time data flow, greatly reducing licenses and Repeated submission of paper materials. Through comprehensively sorting out the business start-up process, the market supervision, public security, banking, social security and other links form a chain, and the process of optimization and reorganization is solidified into automatic circulation in the intelligent assembly line, which comprehensively improves the coordination of approval, the whole process and the intelligence.

On September 3, 2018, the “Enterprise Start-up” system was successfully launched and the first digital business license in the blockchain storage and delivery in Shandong Province was born, realizing the start of a newly-opened enterprise for one working day or even half. Within the working day, the company will complete the “one-time operation” from the business license processing to the official seal engraving, social security registration, and bank pre-opening.

“The people who come to work only need to submit all the materials from the window at one time. We initiate the enterprise registration process in the system, and then the tasks will be pushed to the departments in turn, and each department will handle its own tasks”. Hou Xia is a staff member of the comprehensive window of “starting a business once”. She told reporters that the use of science and technology not only facilitates the masses, but also brings a lot of convenience to the staff, which reduces the cost of the staff repeatedly reviewing materials. The administrative efficiency has been improved, and the “data is more running, the masses are less errands”.

In the interview, the reporter learned that through the "business start-up once" comprehensive window for business, from the handling of the materials to the business people to get the business license, official seal, the shortest time is only 45 minutes, the processing time is an average of 100 minutes, during the period The masses only need to run the integrated window once and for all, greatly improving the convenience, speed and satisfaction of the business and the masses.

“The introduction of blockchain technology has solved the problem of credible transmission of cross-departmental and cross-system licenses.” Chen Bo, director of the Big Data and Wisdom High-tech Construction Management Office, said that this year, a license will be launched to realize business licenses, licenses and certificates. The transfer of the filing materials on the blockchain. In the next step, we will expand the application of blockchain in government services, such as optimizing the approval process for project construction projects, and implementing various licenses, certification materials, and electronic materials in the blockchain to reduce the duplication of information in various departments. To reduce the cost of materials submitted by the masses.

Source: People's Network

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