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Inspiration of stablecoins: analysis of the "Black Thursday" crisis and construction of a new borrowing and buffering model

Editor's Note: The original title was "Inspiration for Stable Coins-Building a New Debt Buffer Model". This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. Decentralized stablecoins seem to be contradictory: although their goal is to create non-regulated assets, they can only achieve complete stability by adding unrelated assets (centralized / regulated assets, such […]

Introduction to Blockchain | How Does DeFi Liquidator Work?

Author: king Editor's Note: The original title was "DeFi Classroom | How Does DeFi Liquidator Work?" 》 Co-produced by Conflux × Odaily Planet Daily, Planet Daily Senior Reporter @ 王 also served as the lead author. When it comes to DeFi, people pay more attention to mortgage lending, decentralized exchanges, derivatives trading, stablecoins, etc., but […]

MakerDAO's first debt auction ends, Paradigm becomes biggest winner

In a series of MKR auctions, cryptocurrency investment company Paradigm was the biggest winner. The auction was held from March 19th to March 28th and raised a total of 5.3 million DAI. DAI is the stable currency in the MakerDAO system and is pegged to the US dollar. During the auction, 20,980 MKRs (governance tokens […]

Crypto data analysis company Coin Metrics report shows that daily transactions in stablecoins reach $ 444 million

Source: CointelegraphChina Editor's Note: The original title was "Coin Metrics Report Shows Daily Trading Volume of Stablecoin Reaches $ 444 Million" According to a Coin Metrics report, after the cryptocurrency market plummeted on March 12, the market value of stablecoins in circulation reached a record high. Blockchain analysis company Coin Metrics found that although Bitcoin […]

Valuing DeFi tokens? Look at the head DeFi token price-earnings ratio and future value analysis

Written by: Lucas Campbell at Fitzner, a blockchain consulting and DeFi rating company Source: Chain News In traditional finance, the price-to-earnings ratio (PE) is a simple formula used by investors to evaluate the relationship between a company's future growth expectations and its earnings. By definition, a price-earnings ratio is the market willingness to pay $ […]

2019 DeFi Industry Research Report: DeFi lending continues to grow and expand in 2020, and stablecoins will continue to grow

Editor's Note: The original title was "DeFi Industry Research Report 2019" ○ ● Key takeaways: 1. MakerDao accounts for about 50% of Ethereum DeFi. 2. At least $ 850 million worth of assets are locked in the DeFi ecosystem. 3. About 7% of EOS in circulation is locked in the EOS-based DeFi ecosystem. 4. The […]

Where can I find DeFi data? Here is your strongest strategy

The development speed of open finance / DeFi is very amazing, and it is also a direction that many public chains are optimistic and actively deploy. But monitoring DeFi data changes is sometimes difficult. Ethereum "non-core developer" and product marketing manager Anthony Sassano recently summarized the more commonly used DeFi data tracking tools on Twitter […]

Interpreting DSR: Is DAI one step closer to real money?

Author: Jorge S Source: Toku View MakerDAO recently released the most important update since its launch, in addition to officially supporting Multi-Asset Mortgage (MCD), it also introduced DAI Deposit Rate (DSR). MakerDAO has high hopes for it, claiming that DSR will change the game rules of the DeFi ecosystem. Can it really release such a […]

Status of the stablecoin market in 2019: USDT "leads the trend", followed by DAI

Written in front: This article was written by Joel John, an analyst at Outlier Ventures, an investment company. In his article, he analyzed the trading situation of mainstream stablecoins in 2019 (as of November), and concluded that although USDT still occupies an important position, DAI is the only stable transaction volume that has grown in […]

Can the data be used as collateral in DeFi?

Author: Trent McConaghy Compilation: Share Finance Neo Summary The question in this article is: can data be used as a financial asset? And link the token economy to the emerging data economy. First, let's use the Beatles and David Bowie (rock singers) as examples to explore how intellectual property can be used as assets and […]