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Knowing that playing Just.Game has a high probability of losing money, why are there still many people who "get into the pit"?

Original: Five Fireball Leaders In recent days, fluctuating currency prices have made people in the blockchain industry boring to the extreme, and several originally extremely active groups have gradually begun to fall into freezing points and no one speaks. This is the WeChat group. It is the most active during the skyrocketing, and everyone comes […]

Babbitt Column | A Clear Understanding of Dapp from Multiple Perspectives

The news of Binance's acquisition of DappReview has captured the hot spot of the currency circle. It may be because the currency circle is still in the early stages of development, or because it is decentralized and has no authority. The same is true for Dapps, each with its own definition. Dapp, literally means: decentralized […]

I understand the current status of blockchain games: To what extent is it going to happen, will there be hope in the future?

Foreword: In addition to currency and finance, the blockchain field has always attracted attention. From the beginning of encryption cats, it has ignited people's enthusiasm for blockchain games. However, due to user experience and scalability issues, blockchain games have been on a smaller scale, so to what extent is the current blockchain game going? Will […]

Viewpoint | Blockchain game is not the future

Abstract: The future we are chasing is not a blockchain game, but a better game of blockchain technical characteristics. The best ending to the prosperous application of the chain travel industry is that the public has forgotten the "special existence" of blockchain games, but the value of game assets is deeply rooted in people's hearts […]

The death of chain travel: Are they born for entertainment, or are they born for trading?

With the name of "chain tour", the development of the gambling-style Dapp, the big play fund game, has become the "survival means" of many public chains. DappReview's latest data shows that Ethereum, Wavefield, IOST's most active Dapp in the first half of the year is a lottery, a total of 606, and the game class […]

DappReview CEO Niu Fengxuan: 10% of Dapp users account for more than 80% of the transaction volume

Babbitt News, August 2, the Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference (GBGEC) co-sponsored by DappReview and CocoaChina was held in Shanghai. In the morning session, DappReview CEO Niu Fengxuan delivered a speech entitled “The Status and Development of Dapp in 2019 from Data and Industry ”. Niu Fengxuan first shared his understanding of the blockchain game […]

DApp Ecology | Halo is snatched away by DeFi, how do the left-wing chain tour developers break through?

“DApp is cool, are you still concerned?” "Don't mention it, uncover the scars of my memory." “Recently updated the article? Advise you to change direction and choose a hot topic.” "The earliest entry is the best, the amount of investment is not too big, once you become a big gamer, you are the one that […]

Report | Analysis of the Development Status of Blockchain Game Industry in June 2019

Foreword: This is a solitary carnival belonging to Bitcoin, and more speculative things will fall unpredictably before dawn. In the market situation where digital currency is getting warmer, the DApp eco and blockchain game industry seems to have withdrawn from the spotlight, and the practitioners' original enthusiasm has gradually disappeared. Of course, this also reflects […]

Interview with pure white matrix CEO Wu Xiao: Blockchain Magic of "Secondary Disease" Youth | Babbitt Venture +

Out of the Internet cafe at three o'clock in the morning, through the paradise of the century empire, the world is invisible, I am a hero and then return to live without goals, in reality – Mayday "I" For many after 80s and 90s, the game is the most memorable companion in their student days. […]

Quiz, pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme? Be careful with the blockchain game these "pits"

Quiz, pyramid scheme, Ponzi? Blockchain game has "pit" Since last year, Tencent, Netease and other game manufacturers have begun to lay out blockchain games, including many popular mobile games. At the same time, the DAPP (decentralized application) market, which entered a low tide in the second half of last year, "rejuvenated" this year. DappReview data […]