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Out of the Internet cafe at three o'clock in the morning, through the paradise of the century empire, the world is invisible, I am a hero and then return to live without goals, in reality – Mayday "I"

For many after 80s and 90s, the game is the most memorable companion in their student days. However, youth is a never-ending train that sits hand in hand. After the last collectivist carnival , the grown-up players go to the real battlefield to conquer their own future.

Some of them have created Ethereum, a world computer designed to be the next generation of applications; some have built DApp data platforms to take the lead in blockchain applications; others use blockchain technology To give their own creativity to the game itself, the young Wu Wu is one of them .

Wu Xiao is the founder and CEO of Pure White Matrix, a master's degree at the University of Alberta, and an executive member and director of the China Computer Society. He is the first independent game developer in China to write smart contracts on Ethereum. His masterpieces include Cell Evolution and Last Trip.

On June 25th, the pure white matrix ChainIDE team announced the launch of the world's first integrated development environment (IDE) tool with integrated Move language . He believes that this is his most meaningful product to date, because the launch of the IDE can help developers save a lot of time in the Move language. In this regard, he commented on the WeChat circle of friends:

"In reality, time is uncontrollable. In the code world, this is the magic of time, hahaha ~ the victory of the second disease."

For most people, "Secondary Disease" is a negative vocabulary, but in Wu Xiao, it represents a rebellious geek spirit unique to the 90s .

Note: The second disease, referred to as "Secondary", originated from Japanese online buzzwords, meaning young people who think they are living in their own world.

This issue of "Babbit Entrepreneurship +" will introduce Wu Xiao and the pure white matrix he created.

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Pure white shirt, one shoulder carrying a computer bag, through the glasses is tired of staying up late in the liver. For this interview, Wu Xiao made a special trip from Nanjing to Babbitt (Hangzhou). His enthusiasm surprised me.

From entertainment to art, from art to business, and after choosing a startup in the game field, Wu Xiao is no longer a pure gamer or programmer as before. Now he will spend a third of his time thinking about business models and one third for life.

The pure white matrix was founded by Wu Xiao in June 2018 , and received an investment of 5 million yuan in angel round, focusing on blockchain game development and creative blockchain architecture design.

The pure white matrix has completed the development and launch of three games, among which “ Cell Evolution ” (blockchain sandbox management strategy game) and “ Last Trip ” (blockchain adventure decryption game) have gained a good market. Responsiveness and user word-of-mouth, " Adam's Adventure " (Dragon and Dungeons adventure game) is an experimental game across the chain. In addition, " First Universe " (blockchain hard sci-fi theme end tour) in the development, " Rhythm Dungeon " (blockchain music game) will be launched in August.

The Project Genesis launched by the Pure White Matrix is an open source underlying role consensus contract . It has been connected to TRON, NEO, QTUM, NAS, ETH, LOOM, MANA and other versions to achieve multi-chain and multi-game linkage. The pure white matrix also developed the world's first multi-chain smart contract debugging tool – ChainIDE , supporting the one-click development, compilation and deployment of MOVE, IOST, ETH smart contracts.

At present, DApps on the public links such as ETH, EOS, and TRON are mainly based on gaming, funds, and games. For the gaming and funding DApp, Wu Xiao has always despised . Instead of despising the player, he uses the developers of such DApp "cut leeks." In December 2017, after the popularity of CryptoKitties, a large number of gaming DApps appeared on Ethereum.

"At the time, there were very few people in China who could understand smart contracts. Foreigners interacted with smart contracts in the background, and the front end of the website and smart contracts were delayed, so when the Chinese bought it, it would be the equivalent."

Later, he and several good friends formed the " Symbol Expeditionary Army " and together "to fight foreigners." "We not only monitor the address of the back-end smart contract, but also monitor the address of their CEO and COO. Once the CEO and COO address generate a new card in the chain, we will calculate the Gas fee in the background and insert it directly into it. So they one Send a new card, we buy it first, then a foreigner, this is equivalent to a foreigner."

Looking back at the early development path of the Internet, it is mostly based on the application of gray, full of human weakness, greed and evil. At first, someone suggested to Wu Xiao: If you don't play games like gambling or fund games, then this is a mistake . However, he refused from the beginning, and he used his own application as a work of art, with a perfectionist cleansing.

"I believe that the market must be all-encompassing. When the wave of blockchain really comes, pure white games will also have the opportunity to make money because we have accumulated technology and reputation. Do not need creative ideas for gambling applications. Product design, just copy it. I think this is not sexy (sexy), this is something I can't be proud of, I feel very uncomfortable in my heart."

Wu Xiao proposed the concept of " pure white game ", which is opposite to "grey game". This is also the origin of "pure white" in "pure white matrix" ("matrix" is derived from the movie "The Matrix"). In my understanding, "pure white" is only about creativity .

In Cellular Evolution , each player is a cell and all players form a cell group. Each player increases the data of the three attributes of reproduction, adaptability, and survivability and the number of cells by manipulating the reproduction, evolution, mutation, and dormancy of the cells in order to obtain high scores. After the single player game is over, its data will be uploaded to the blockchain and superimposed with all player data (ie world data). The smart contract judges the three world data of reproduction, adaptability and survivability by calling the checkdeath function. If one of the data deviates from the set range, the cell world will be destroyed and the game will be finished.

"Last Trip" uses the " old book scroll + decryption" presentation method. Players can turn pages by selecting the top right corner or the lower right corner of the scroll. Different choices will have different plots and directly affect the Fatique under the scroll. Values ​​for attributes such as Spirit, Gold, Power, Agility, and Intelligence. When the partial value is below zero, the player character dies, its data will be uploaded to the blockchain, and the character will appear as an NPC (non-player character) at one of the next player's levels. As the player continues to join, the content of the game will be enriched, and the development of the story is even more unpredictable.

Adam's Adventure is an adventure puzzle game where every game player's game will accumulate combat experience for Adam and upload it to the blockchain. In some levels, you can summon the characters in "Last Trip" to fight; at the same time, through the Project Genesis (underlying character consensus contract), the game characters on the Ethereum can also fight the game characters on the wave field. This is an experimental experiment across the chain. For this reason, he and Professor Cai Wei of the Chinese University of Hong Kong co-authored the paper "Cross-chain cross-game role formula framework" to theoretically discuss the possibility of cross-chain cross-game. .

In fact, the joy of the game can only be experienced by those who have experienced it, and the beautiful words can not describe the blood of the experience. In the world of games, Wu Xiao plays two different roles at the same time: developers and players.

In his view, the charm of blockchain games is that, with the characteristics of blockchain technology, after the rules and frameworks are formulated, the game content is no longer controlled by the developers. The growth of the game is determined by the players themselves. Know what the outcome will be . “Unlike traditional games, blockchain games are more social, and they can constantly generate new content, which is exciting for game developers.”

In Wu Xiao's view, the current blockchain is like the previous LAN, and each chain is an information island . "To achieve a game like "Top Player" in the future, you need a 'million-chain one' process, bringing all the information together and interacting." The way to achieve this goal is to use cross-chain .

The realization of cross-chain cross-games not only brings new vitality to the game characters, but also gives more meaning to the game props. Taking the traceability of blockchain technology as an example, “the traditional game does not record the monsters killed by the sword of the brave, and the blockchain can be recorded completely, which makes the sword have a medieval history. Feeling ."

Wu Xiao is not a genius. His game ideas may be related to his student experience .

When he was in elementary school, Wu Xiao became fascinated with the Wenquxing game and fell in love with programming. At the age of 9, he wrote 4 or 5 small games for the company that developed Wenquxing. In junior high school, he likes to play video games, play Go, see science fiction and movies . He said that Go has cultivated his way of thinking – "Don't care about the gains and losses of a moment, you must have a big picture. The spirit is very important, the weakness of the opponent is not only on the chess pieces, but also on the details of human nature. "The Technique of Dragon Slayer" and Asimov's "Base Series", he recalled the "Glorious Years" of hacking…

Wu Xiao is not a good student in the traditional sense. The appearance of " I am mixed with me " in the examination paper makes his teacher very unhappy. Before the exam, his teacher didn't even believe he could get into high school. Later, at the request of the parents, he was at home for a month, and he was admitted to the Nanjing Foreign Languages ​​School with a score of more than 100 points beyond the second-line score. He said that he is good at "face-lifting" , whether it is a high school entrance examination, a grade jump at the University of Alberta, or a blockchain game entrepreneurship. Whenever he meets the negation of others, he can always fight back with excellent results or works. .

"Which of the many identity tags, such as Xueba, developers, programmers, and entrepreneurs, which one do you like the most?" I asked Wu Xiao.

He said, "developer or designer, I think it is a happy thing to be a product that I like and be proud of."

"If you can, which game role do you want to be?" I continued.

He said, "I don't have any game characters I want to be, because it feels so strange."

Walking between reality and the virtual world, Wu Xiao did not lose himself, but strengthened his choice . He reminded me of a passage from Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto:

“When thinking about why Pokemon is so popular, I found that the main reason is that its founder and designer, Mr. Satoshi Tajiri, did not do this for commercial purposes. In other words, His purpose is not to create a very popular game; he just wants to do something he likes to play, except for his love of the entire creative process, which does not contain any commercial significance.

However, for some reason, what he created for himself is loved by his compatriots, and people from other countries can share it together… This is the key: not to make a saleable item, a popular one. Products, but because of love, to create something that everyone will love, this is the innermost feeling we use when playing games. Creating the game works that you love is the driving force for Wu Xiao to keep moving forward.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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