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Introduction | Liquidity and Bank Run Risks in DeFi

This article uses Compound Finance as a case study to analyze the risks of the emerging DeFi ecosystem.   getting Started   Blockchain enthusiasts and institutional investors are focusing on open finance (aka decentralized finance or "DeFi") platforms running on the Ethereum blockchain. Given the historically low current interest rates, open financial applications have the […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 High ETH lock-up volume, zero mortgage DeFi for "Great Leap Forward"

DeFi content this week includes: One-week DeFi data: imBTC's weekly lockup increased by 15.44%, and the number of ETH mortgages across the network hit a record high; Coinbase CEO predicts the next 10 years of DeFi; "Great Leap Forward" Zero Mortgage DeFi; DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in 2019 and 2020; DeFi golden sentence of the […]

Annual summary of NFT weekly report 丨 combinability of NFT and virtual time and space set

Satoshi Masamoto: 5 daily high-quality articles on cryptocurrencies Today's content includes: 1 NFT composability and MetaVerse; 2 A year in review of token economics; 3 Money On Chain- Defi ambition based on RSK; 4 7 ideas that will change cryptocurrencies in 2020; 5 Binance 2020 New Year's Message: Building the Foundation. NFT composability and virtual […]

DeFi Eighty-One Difficulties: Starting from the App Store delisting dApp

Source | Translation | First Class (First.VIP)   Last week, Google Play and the Apple App Store both removed crypto applications. Before the public adopts DeFi products and services, there are still 981 barriers, including accessibility, user experience, speed, and so on. The first barrier facing DeFi is the App Store / Android application […]

2019 DeFi Industry Research Report: DeFi lending continues to grow and expand in 2020, and stablecoins will continue to grow

Editor's Note: The original title was "DeFi Industry Research Report 2019" ○ ● Key takeaways: 1. MakerDao accounts for about 50% of Ethereum DeFi. 2. At least $ 850 million worth of assets are locked in the DeFi ecosystem. 3. About 7% of EOS in circulation is locked in the EOS-based DeFi ecosystem. 4. The […]

Read a history of finance and regulation, as well as a lesson for DeFi

Author: Mario Laul, block chain investment institutions Placeholder researcher Translator: Lu Jiangfei Source: Chain News There are some important patterns in the development history of the financial industry, the most obvious of which are the systemic crisis and the subsequent collapse of asset prices or income streams, as well as multiple games between financial innovation […]

In Nordic Blockchain Week, I felt the power of the winter

Author: Song Ping, executive director of Digital Renaissance Foundation, cold leek in the Nordic Growth. This is an article that can feel the low temperature through the screen of your mobile phone. Please bring your own autumn pants. First, let ’s look at a very cold point of knowledge. When it comes to northern Europe, […]

Will Synthetix be the first Defi to replace MakerDAO?

Text: Wang Ye Production: Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) Will Synthetix be the first Defi to replace MakerDAO? The crypto asset industry 2019 is called the year of DeFi by many people. According to defipulse data, in the past year, the total amount of assets pledged in various DeFi applications has increased from US $ […]

How should DeFi deal with catastrophic risks in 2020, and which echelons will rise again?

Author: Cao Yin, general manager of the Digital Renaissance Foundation Director Source: Chain News In the previous article, we introduced the huge hidden dangers that DeFi may face in 2020 ( Cao Yin: hidden dangers behind DeFi's prosperous ecology and 2020 outlook ). Based on this, this article introduces some measures that can effectively solve […]

DeFi vs. Apple / Google App Store: Unsolvable battle?

Satoshi Masamoto: 5 daily high-quality cryptocurrency articles selected today. Today includes: 1 DeFi and Apple / Google App Store, the unsolvable battle? ; 2 The rise of individuals (why Bitcoin is important); 3 The significance of Bitcoin is not a panacea, but a poison; 4 Currency information theory | BTC is a sound currency; 5 […]