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Viewpoint | What is the experience of the Internet development process for the popularization of blockchain?

This article attempts to answer the question "How to promote the popularity of blockchains", mainly in EOS (and EOSIO), but can also be applied to many other distributed ledger technology (DLT) ecosystems. The views in the article are veterans with 20 years of experience in the Web industry, as well as those who have worked […]

Google, Internet Stock and Ethereum

Author: Anthony Bertolino Edit: Summer Source: Unitimes After the Internet bubble dust settled, we witnessed the rise of the unique Internet companies from the ashes, bringing great value to users. Not only does this attract hundreds of millions of users, but it also translates into a significant increase in the price of the underlying stock. […]

From the Internet yesterday, look at the blockchain tomorrow

First, yesterday's Internet I once watched a video. More than 20 years ago, when Ma was still doing the Chinese Yellow Pages, he went to the door to sell. Others asked him: "You said so much about the Internet, then what exactly does the information Internet do?" I remember that Ma Yun’s answer at the […]

Gu Yanxi: Bookstore in the Internet Age, Movie Theater in the Blockchain Age

In the 1990s, American bookstores have always left me with very good memories. There are many kinds of books in the bookstore. You can buy a cup of coffee in the bookstore, where you can read and browse a wide variety of books and magazines. The two main chain bookstores at the time were Barnes […]

The Internet is developing like this, blockchain?

What is the vast majority of interactions in human society based on? The answer is the transaction. The basis of the transaction is – credit. Blockchain, the kind of owner, can participate in bookkeeping, and the book-book technology that cannot be tampered with touches the essence of our human social transactions–credit and confirmation. It allows […]

Internet dividends are exhausted, Facebook is vying for digital credit dividends

Editor's note: Recently, Facebook released the Libra white paper on the encrypted digital currency project, which sparked discussions from all walks of life. Dr. Chen Bo, the proponent of the blockchain consensus economic theory, collected opinions and suggestions from various circles and put forward his own opinions. In his view, we can think that Libra […]

In the next 20 years, what new business models will be brought about by Web 3.0 based on blockchain technology?

The development of technology will eventually lead to the evolution and change of business. The huge shift from operator orientation to user orientation is the fundamental difference between Web 1.0 and 2.0. The platform of Web2.0 makes users' choices more diversified, and operators can also accurately recommend or find target users based on user data, […]

Blockchain Internet: The "China Network" Opportunity for Network Infrastructure

5G is the "hardware standard" for Network Infrastructure 2.0, and the blockchain Internet is the "software standard" for network infrastructure. It is now a special era in which the largest financial technology in 500 years – the blockchain entered the society. This technology changes financial markets, currencies, law, society, computers and the Internet. This article […]

How do mesh networks and cryptocurrencies eliminate the gap in rural broadband?

Today we are going to introduce an interesting article. We know that cryptocurrency is playing its role in the vast world of the third world, and in the United States, the world is divided into several parts. The dual division of urban and rural network services exists throughout the United States. It is called the […]

Internet vs blockchain revolution: early challenges

Mark Twain once said, "History will not repeat itself, but it will always be strikingly similar." We try to find similarities between the Internet and the blockchain revolution to help you better understand the technology lifecycle and the future of the blockchain industry. The history of the Internet revolution is based primarily on Brian McCullough's […]