Articles of Issuance of Securities Tokens

Digital Securities Research Report 2019: What is preventing it from becoming mainstream? What to expect in 2020?

2019 is a year of booming digital securities (STO), which is different from the sloppy ICO model before. Digital securities have been injected with the genes of compliance since the day of their birth. Global governments, financial institutions, and investment funds have been embracing this innovative finance. Most of the models are open-minded, and some […]

Exploration of Domestic Practice of STO——Generation and Circulation of Account Receivable Electronic Voucher (1)

Source: Weiyang Network Author: Jansen Ma With the development of blockchain bookkeeping, quantum computing and other technologies, all real rights, creditor's rights, intellectual property rights, equity and other property rights and other underlying assets can be confirmed in the legal sense to form a security token ( Security Token) , which becomes a certificate of […]

"Farewell Hayek": Conjecture on the Development Space of STO in China

Abstract: Looking forward to the top-down "Zunyi Meeting" on STO. After "clearing the source of the original", it is good to "get rid of the imagination" and "go up the mountain and go to the countryside". This article involves: #Core technology / independent innovation / industrial development #Crypto industry under supervision: clearing and sandboxing #Traditional […]

Hainan sets up digital asset trading test area, STO falling from the altar may usher in the biggest turning point

In October 2018, the Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology officially awarded the Hainan Ecological Software Park and established the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone. The “Chain Shanghai South” was officially launched. Hainan Province has become China ’s development of the blockchain industry. The largest window. On December 1 […]