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Analysis: After Istanbul upgrade, the maximum TPS of Ethereum theory is 2048, but a new bottleneck has appeared

According to foreign media news today, the blockchain-based identity management solution company iden3 recently released the analysis results of testing Ethereum blockchain transaction throughput before and after the Istanbul upgrade and ZKRollup. Source: Pixabay The analysis concluded that after the Istanbul upgrade, using ZKRollup, the maximum theoretical limit that Ethereum can handle is 2048 tps. […]

Istanbul Fork Improves Ethereum Performance, Can Ethereum Become a "World Computer"?

About the author: Miko Matsumura is the general partner of venture capital fund Gumi Cryptos Capital, and the co-founder of wallet service provider and exchange Evercoin. Since the introduction of the Java programming language, he has been an open source software project in Silicon Valley for 25 years and is a true evangelist in the […]

Ethereum Istanbul hard fork soon, major client node upgrade rate is less than 40%

Trustnodes reported on December 4th that the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork will take place in three days, but only 38% and 42% of the Ethereum clients Geth and Parity have completed the upgrade, respectively. Image source: visualhunt According to data on Ethernodes, 1035 Geth nodes have been upgraded, but nearly 1700 have not been upgraded. […]

Regarding the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork, we need to understand these (with user guide)

Translator: ECN Ethereum China Editor's Note: Original title was "Istanbul Hard Fork: Things We Need to Know" The eighth upgrade of the Ethereum network, the Istanbul hard fork, is scheduled to take place on December 6, 2019 . Readers who are unfamiliar with the term "hard fork" can think of it as a "network upgrade." […]

Ethereum will be upgraded this Saturday, and developers have agreed to delay the launch of the difficulty bomb

According to Trustnodes reported on December 1, Ethereum will perform an Istanbul Gas Upgrade this Saturday, and developers have agreed to an emergency hard fork within a few weeks of this upgrade. Image source: visualhunt In a recent public meeting on Ethereum, all developers and other non-developer attendees (such as marketers or miners) agreed to […]

Ethereum Istanbul upgrade tentatively scheduled for December 6, here is everything you want to know

The 8th network upgrade of Ethereum is coming soon. The eighth hard fork of Ethereum will begin on December 6, 2019. A hard fork is equivalent to a "network upgrade." The exact date may change depending on the time and time zone. The countdown to Istanbul's hard fork can be viewed on Etherscan. Istanbul is […]

Ethereum Istanbul Upgrade Announcement (Full Text)

The Ethereum network will activate a planned upgrade at block 906 9000 ; the block is expected to be dug on Saturday, December 7, 2019 . The exact time depends on the time of the network and the time zone in which the observer is located. Please upgrade your node by Sunday, December 1, 2019 […]

Ethereum is expected to upgrade to Istanbul on December 7th

According to the information released by the Ethereum Foundation's official website today, the Ethereum network will be upgraded at a block height of 9,069,000, which is expected to occur around December 7, 2019 (Saturday). The exact date may vary. Change in block time and time zone). After completing this upgrade, Ethereum will welcome these major […]

Increase the cost of operating gas, Istanbul upgrade will destroy nearly 680 smart contracts on Arago

According to Coindesk's October 1 report, this week, Ethereum's test network, Ropsten, conducted a comprehensive system upgrade. Although the “Istanbul” upgrade will enhance the efficiency of the Ethereum network, the test network is not running smoothly. (Source: pixabay ) According to Jorge Izquierdo, chief technology officer of Aragon One, for the governance platform Aragon, the […]

V God: Pushing Layer 2 expansion, it is proposed to increase the gas limit when hard forks in Istanbul

According to Trustnodes' August 30 report, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that if people want to increase the gas limit, then: “I recommend launching an event on Reddit/Twitter to promote the reasons for increasing the gas limit. Historically, large mine pools have felt the pressure of the community and listened to their opinions.” The Ethereum […]