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Ali & ’s blockchain war, Jack Ma: 100 billion is not enough, I will invest 200 billion

Source of this article: Blockchain Business Watch , with deletions Open up new battlefields in subtle places. In the second half of the Internet, many pseudo-propositions have been verified, ranging from the revision of an industry, such as unmanned shelves, to the development trend of the entire industry, such as consumption upgrades. But the e-commerce […]

Interview with, Xinxin Lei: Supply Chain Management and Digital Finance are the two development directions of the blockchain in Jingdong District

"Blockchain technology is the underlying technology of the industrial Internet, and it may become a bridge between different clouds. The application of the future blockchain is the direction of data and the direction of digital assets. But the inner and outer circles are not good or bad. Whether it's a drop-in-chain application or an asset-digital […]

Jingdong released a blockchain technology and application panorama, first disclosed the 2020 strategy

On November 19th, at the site of JDiscovery at 2019, JD Peng, vice president of Jingdong Digital Technology Group, demonstrated the technology and application of the blockchain in Jingdong District and released the blockchain 2020 strategy of Jingdong District. Cao Peng introduced the Jingdong Zhiyi chain from the development history, technical capabilities and application cases. […]

Ali, Jingdong, Suning, "chain" battle double eleven

Text: Mutual chain pulse · Golden car Source: Interchain Pulse Editor's Note: The original title is "Ali, Jingdong, Suning double eleven "chain" war" This year, the double 11 seems to be different from the past. With the deeper integration of e-commerce and blockchain, the drum of the “technical war” between e-commerce platforms has officially sounded. […]

Jingdong's blockchain experiment: trace cooperation with more than 700 merchants

Beijing News reporter Liu Chang Source: Beijing News The blockchain continues to heat up, and the Internet giant has already tasted the "sweetness" in its application. According to the latest data disclosed by Jingdong Digital, as of now, the blockchain anti-counterfeiting and traceability platform of Jingdong District has accumulated more than 1.3 billion uplink data, […]

Jingdong Cloud launched the problem that Zhiyun chain “cloud” planning has to face

Recently, Jingdong Cloud and jointly announced that they will reach a cooperation in the blockchain field and jointly launch the “cloud” construction plan for Zhisheng Chain. At present, Jingdong Cloud official website has officially launched the "blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability" and "blockchain digital deposit certificate" two Jingdong cloud market SaaS applications. Recently, Jingdong Cloud and […]

E-commerce giant Jingdong enters the blockchain, scene empowerment is already on the road

Foreword: The blockchain brings technical means of efficiency improvement and cost reduction, and provides new ideas for economic and social development and governance. Now, the blockchain economy is already on the eve of the outbreak. The exploration of the financial industry is leading, while the application of other industries is rapidly expanding. The significant advantages […]

The battle of "618": Which is the source of the blockchain products in Ali, Jingdong and Suning?

From the middle of the year to the shopping promotion of "618", the battle of e-commerce is on the verge of exploding, and several major platforms are also attracting consumers. The inter-chain pulse communicates with the relevant person in charge of Jingdong “Zhizhi Chain” and the members of the Ant Financial Blockchain team. It is […]

What are the domestic BATs doing when foreign giants are busy sending coins?

On June 15th, Meetup, organized by the China Working Group of the Superbook, brought together the blockchain developers of Alibaba Cloud, Baidu and, the top three technology companies in China, to introduce their technology in the blockchain. , application programs and practices give us an opportunity to understand the layout of domestic giants in […]

Rain is coming? Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong Science and Technology in the blockchain field secretly compete

In the past year, with the tightening of the supervision of encrypted digital currency, many powerful blockchain companies have disappeared. After a year of silence, the BTC market seems to have taken a roller coaster ride and opened a new round of adventure. On April 2, Bitcoin opened a new round of main rally At […]