Jingdong's blockchain experiment: trace cooperation with more than 700 merchants

Beijing News reporter Liu Chang

Source: Beijing News

The blockchain continues to heat up, and the Internet giant has already tasted the "sweetness" in its application. According to the latest data disclosed by Jingdong Digital, as of now, the blockchain anti-counterfeiting and traceability platform of Jingdong District has accumulated more than 1.3 billion uplink data, and has traced cooperation with more than 700 brands. A total of more than 60,000 SKUs have settled. 6 million after-sales users access the query.

Behind these test waters, by focusing on the two fields of digital finance and supply chain management, the JD.com blockchain has been fully opened to the public, exporting “blockchain technology platform”, “supply chain trace application” and “digital storage”. Certification application "three major technology services.

Tighten the quality of the source, the blockchain boosts the quality of "pork freedom "

Decentralization, consensus mechanism, non-tamperable, and traceable information make the application of blockchain in the supply chain and other fields widely optimistic.

How to prevent counterfeiting is a major problem in the supply chain, especially in the sub-sectors of food, medical care and other people's livelihood. The use of technical means to solve it has also become a focus of attention of the government and enterprises. After seeing the potential of the blockchain technology in the product traceability scenario, Jingdong Science and Technology became the industry's “try to eat crabs”.

The relevant person in charge of Jingdong Digital Branch said that the blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform of Jingdong District has launched consumer product solutions and pharmaceutical industry solutions. The branded companies include Nestlé, Wyeth, Yanghe, Yili and other well-known enterprises. The product categories involve food and alcohol. , milk powder, daily necessities and medical supplies. In terms of the safety of meat products that have received much attention this year, Jingdong Digital Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting and tracing platform has cooperated with head enterprises such as Angus, Horqin, Dacheng, Xinyulong, Meiwei and Xiangtai, including Fresh produce such as beef, pork, chicken, sea cucumber, and salmon can be traced from the farm to the table through JD.

How does the blockchain work? The person in charge explained the cooperation between the platform and Angus, the Australian meat products exporter. After the deep cooperation between the two parties, domestic consumers can learn all the information from the birth, growth, quarantine, slaughter, processing and transportation of cattle by scanning the QR code on the food packaging. Every link can't be artificially altered, and every link can be publicized to consumers, so that every piece of beef is safe and reliable.

With the elimination of pain points in the industry, high-quality goods are more likely to enter the consumer's kitchen, and farmers who provide quality products can truly realize that “the wine is not afraid of the alley”. It is understood that Jingdong has landed a “running chicken” project in some state-level poverty-stricken counties, and can collect information on poultry sports data, feeding, drinking water and de-worming through IoT equipment such as footsteps and video traceability technology. Recorded in the blockchain network, consumers can scan the code to understand the culture process, growth environment and other graphic information of the purchased agricultural products. While increasing the consumer experience, it also increased income for farmers in poor areas.

"Chain" to lease the new economy, "difficulties in obtaining evidence from disputes" are expected to be solved

In addition to playing a role in the quality traceability of the supply chain, blockchain has great potential in solving the trust problem of the leasing industry.

With the development of technologies such as big data and mobile payment, the credit-free leasing market is gradually opening up, and the convenience of residents' living has been greatly improved. The data shows that in 2018, the transaction volume of China's leasing economy market exceeded 6.3 trillion yuan, and it is expected to exceed 10 trillion yuan in 2019. The number of people involved in leasing economic services will also exceed 100 million.

The use of blockchain technology gives credit a strong guarantee. The above-mentioned person in charge of Jingdong Digital Branch said that the “Beijing Small Rent” credit leasing platform under JD.com provides more dimensions for solving the problem of difficult to obtain evidence, difficult to prove and low efficiency in the consumer leasing market market by using blockchain technology. Protection. When the user rents the goods, the Beijing Small Rental Platform will obtain the lease agreement, order data, lease process and other data in the lease business through the automated process, and complete the “winding” operation to ensure the open and transparent lease service.

On the basis of using blockchain technology to carry out real-time and non-tamperable deposits of important data files such as electronic agreement contracts and key order data, JD.com also cooperates with authoritative organizations to carry out multi-party consensus and enhance legal effectiveness. Provide reliable electronic evidence.

"Jingdong Digital's blockchain program for default disputes in the credit leasing industry has also laid a good foundation for the later use of blockchain technology to solve more complex credit information asymmetry, information islands, and opaque credit transactions." The person in charge of the digital department said that in the digital deposit certificate, the blockchain digital deposit certificate platform of Jingdong District has realized the functions of credible deposit, automatic forensics, one-click proof, infringement warning, etc., and has been applied to electronic contracts, electronic invoices, and electronic Scenes such as licenses, electronic bills, and copyright protection.

Jingdong Digital Blockchain has been fully open to the public

By applying blockchain technology in various sub-segments, Jingdong Digital's blockchain underlying technology capabilities have been honed and improved. According to the introduction of the public information, the number of blockchain patents that Jingdong Digital Technology has applied for is nearly 200, forming two technical platforms: JD BaaS, the service chain platform of Zhizhi Chain, and JD Chain, the underlying engine of Zhizhi Chain.

Among them, JD BaaS is an enterprise-level service platform that provides flexible and easy-to-use and scalable blockchain system management capabilities. It is intended to help government departments, enterprises and financial institutions to cross the blockchain technology threshold and realize the rapid blockchain platform. The rapid deployment of deployment and alliance chain networks supports deployment on multiple resources such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. JD Chain is the underlying framework of blockchain developed by JD. It focuses on solving the key technical problems at the bottom of the blockchain and establishing a technological ecology with China's independent intellectual property rights. At present, it has achieved throughput of 10,000 transactions per second, and fully supports national cryptographic algorithms to ensure security applications and audits in government and finance. At the end of March this year, JD Chain has been open sourced and synchronized to the open source community.

In the view of Chen Shengqiang, CEO of Jingdong Digital, the joint construction and opening up is an important path for Jingdong Digital to actively integrate into the digital transformation and upgrading of various industries. This concept also seems to run through the specific practice of Jingdong Science in the field of blockchain. As early as May 2017, Jingdong Digital and China UnionPay completed the first domestic alliance chain based on public network and cross-regional cross-operators. Subsequently, Wanda Group and China Merchants Bank successively joined the alliance chain, and Jingdong Digital, UnionPay, Wanda and China Merchants Bank's four-party alliance network were successfully established.

At the China International Intelligent Industry Expo in August this year, Jingdong Digital Blockchain ABS standardization program "CITIC Securities No. 9 Jingdong White Strip Receivables Debt Assets Support Special Plan" was rated as "2019 China Blockchain Excellent Application Case" . At the same time, the “Qianyi Chain Digital Depository Platform” also won the “2019 China Excellent Blockchain Solution”.

Corporate voice:

Jing Xinlei, head of the blockchain business department of Jingdong Digital Technology, revealed that Jingdong Digital Blockchain has been fully open to the public, focusing on two areas of digital finance and supply chain management, and exporting “blockchain technology platform” and “supply chain traceability”. "Technology", "Digital Deposit Application" three major technology services. In the future, JD.com will continue to adhere to the working ideas of industrial application to promote industry standards in the field of blockchain, focus on the improvement of industrial efficiency, stimulate new formats and new models, and help the scale of the digital economy continue to expand.

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