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Babbitt column | The most complete analysis: a clear view of Libra panorama

This article has been included in the first monograph on Libra, "Libra: The New Carrier of the Digital Economy." As a review of Libra's analysis, the book refers to a total of 32 articles selected in the book and selected on the Internet. It is true that "About Libra, reading this one is enough." I […]

Facebook Libra Supervisor: Users don't have to trust us, they will attend the hearing this month.

In an article, David Marcus, head of the blockchain chain and encryption project at Facebook, social media giant Facebook, responded to questions and concerns from Libra over the past two weeks. Indicates that Libra users do not have to trust Facebook. He confirmed that he will testify on this project in the hearings of the […]

Opinion: How to seize the opportunity of Facebook Libra

Libra's mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure that serves billions of people. — Libra White Paper Lead On June 18, 2019, Mark Zuckerberg (1984-), the founder of Facebook, the world's largest social networking site with 2.7 billion users, publicly announced the Libra project website ( On the line, the white […]

Libra wants to cool? Congress stops! After the fever, the rational look can reach the core of value.

Computational power Facebook's Libra will open the door to the real world of the blockchain world, but even by the expected release of 2020, the number of people who can come in may be less than expected. However, its historical significance is comparable to Facebook's "founding a nation", or it will use the blockchain technology […]

Libra's regulatory game: multi-party "gunfire" storm regulation will come

Since Facebook released the Libra white paper, this unfinished digital currency has successfully stood on the cusp. At the recent Davos Summer Forum, Libra even caused several heated debates. Although the views of the parties are not the same, they agree on one point: once on the line, Libra will subvert the traditional financial industry. […]

China Economic Weekly: Zuckerberg’s “Payment” Ambition

On June 18th, Facebook published a Libra cryptocurrency white paper (hereinafter referred to as “Libra White Paper”), which officially entered the currency circle. Libra is defined as “a new global currency designed for the digital world” and claims to provide financial services to billions of people around the world who cannot use traditional banking. Previously, […]

BitMEX CEO: Once Libra is released, it will destroy commercial banks and central banks

This week, a report released by stock research platform Seeking Alpha said that Facebook's new cryptocurrency project can indeed promote the development of bitcoin (BTC). Image source: pixabay By leveraging the existing theory of Libra, the social media giant of Facebook, this simple report suggests that mainstream consumer propaganda will eventually flow into Bitcoin. This […]

Depth | Q coins 17 years of history, what is the enlightenment of Facebook currency?

"Isn't this the Q coin?" On Facebook's Libra launch day, there were netizens who ridiculed it. But in addition to the ridicule of eating melons, almost no one will really equate libra with Q coins. After all, compared to the well-known Q coins of Chinese netizens, libra has to be seen in a variety of […]

Libra is "cool", we can sit down and talk about its truth.

Foreword: Libra is the digital currency launched by Facebook and the most important market bomb recently. The Libra that I said is “cool” refers to the heat of the early summer that it brings to the currency circle, and there are obvious signs of temperature deterioration. However, the market sentiment has subsided, and finally you […]

Analysis of Facebook LibraBFT and the consensus of the original chain Bystack BBFT

If what is the soul of the blockchain, it must be a consensus mechanism. It is the root of the blockchain. Regardless of the public chain or the alliance chain, the consensus mechanism has limited the transaction processing capability and scalability of the blockchain. On June 18, 2019, Facebook published a white paper on its […]