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On the Network Effect and Ecological Effect of Blockchain

I. Ecological effects The last two days I saw Mr. Xiao Feng's latest article "Blockchain is pursuing ecological effects" . The main point of the article is that the industrialization era is pursuing the scale effect, the Internet era is pursuing the network effect. It should be an ecological effect. I think the term ecological […]

Translation | On the Network Effect of Storage Tokens

This article is translated from: Translator: Block Chinese Subtitles Block Mercenary This article is the spiritual successor to Some Fallacies About Smart Contracts . Bitcoin has a network effect. Many advocates of cryptography assert that the network effect of Bitcoin is so powerful that hyperbitcoinization is inevitable. But this is not entirely true. Many […]

Why does the securities pass require a self-reliant portal to create its own network?

Recently, the author wrote that the emergence of the securities pass permit blockchain is a “ local maximum ” phenomenon, or a short-term beneficial but long-term prospective solution. The final part of the article explores the concept of a securities pass network that allows different participants in the securities pass ecosystem to connect through public […]

Why is Bitcoin possible to become digital gold? Let's talk about the network effect

Bitcoin has a network effect. The evangelists of many cryptocurrencies emphasize that the network effect of Bitcoin is so powerful that super bitcoinization is inevitable. (Blue Fox note translation: hyperbitcoinization is to say that bitcoin has become a major currency in the world.) But this is not entirely true. The network effect of Bitcoin as […]