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AAX CEO Thor talks about why platform coins are just needed in the market? | Chain Node AMA

Some time ago, OKEX announced the destruction of all unissued 700 million OKB, with a total price of more than 20 billion yuan. Soon, Huobi also issued a monthly destruction announcement, destroying a total of about 5 billion yuan and a total of 147 million HT. After the destruction, both platform coins attracted a wave […]

TOP 30 series observations: Q1 average holding income range is 148%, halving the market shows power

Analyst: Carol Produced by: PANews In the opening year of 2020, due to the continued impact of the new crown epidemic, the global financial market has encountered a "black swan" and the digital currency market has also been hit hard. According to the data of CoinMarketCap, the total market value of digital currencies ranked in […]

After the FCoin thunderstorm, rethink everything about platform coins and centralized exchanges

Source of this article: Odaily Planet Daily , original title "In the lifetime, was it pitted by FCoin?" 》 Author: Nan Xin FCoin, which once stirred the situation of the exchange with its own strength, ended eventually. On the evening of February 17, the seventh day after the FCoin outage maintenance incident occurred, Zhang Jian, […]

Analysis of exchange price-earnings ratios: Can platform currency lead the next bull market?

The just resigned 2019 is a year for users in the currency industry to see hope in a long bear market. The year has been mixed, and by category, only Bitcoin and platform currency have emerged from the obvious upward trend. Other currencies are still down. Endlessly. Even a well-known view of the currency circle […]

The smoke of the platform is rising again, OK suddenly \ "violently \", how will Binance and Huobi fight?

Original: Five Fireball Leaders In recent days, it seems that people have regained their feelings at the beginning of 2019. The major platforms are ready to go, and the pie has not moved. Coincidentally, this time, it was Binance's first "stroke", familiar formula and familiar taste. However, it is different, but it is the creator […]

OKEx announces the destruction of all 700 million OKBs that have not yet been issued, and OKB is up nearly 40%

At 14 pm Beijing time today, OKEx issued an announcement saying that the OKChain testnet was officially launched, and announced that it had destroyed all 700 million OKBs that had not yet been issued. Affected by this, OKB's response rose by more than 30%, and once reached 5.5 US dollars. As of press time, OKB […]

Blockchain investment: which "platform coin" has more investment value?

In the last lecture, I analyzed the "privacy currency" field in the blockchain industry. In this lecture, I continue to share with you the fourth sub-category in the "mature field of the blockchain industry": "Exchange platform currency". I. What is exchange platform currency? The "exchange platform currency" we are talking about here refers to the […]

Opinion | Talking about platform currency, which makes digital currency extension more abundant

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, digital currencies have continued to evolve, and digital currencies such as Ethereum and Stabilized Coins have been created. Digital currency is just a function of purely money media. At the time, it did not see the scene of its application different from traditional currency. On June 18 this […]

Which platform is strong for the platform? Babbitt strips twitching and finds the truth for you

In 2019, platform coins have become an important venue for exchange competition. What is the rise in platform currency? Allowing platform currency to deflate and reducing market liquidity seems to be the consensus of more and more exchanges. The repurchase of destroying and locking the warehouse has naturally become the two magic weapons for the […]

The currency security gives up 80 million BNB team share, is it really good?

According to the official Weibo news, the well-known currency has completed the eighth BNB quarterly destruction. This time it destroyed the 800,000 BNB (worth $23.83 million) of the team position. It also said that from the beginning of this destruction, the Binance team will abandon the BNB share held by the team (40% of the […]