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It is said that many people do not buy bitcoin because of them?

For what reason did you choose to ignore Bitcoin because it was too late to know that Bitcoin was too expensive, or because the so-called expert (bit black) criticized Bitcoin? The following are the very famous "Bit Black" people in history and their speeches, including famous economists, blockchain industry experts, big entrepreneurs, big bankers and […]

Exploring Ethereum 2.0: Evolution of Blockchain Incentive System

This paper introduces the evolution of the blockchain incentive system. A number of articles have recently discussed the roadmap, research recommendations and current status of Ethereum 2.0. But there is nothing publicly disclosed about the design ideas and invariants behind 2.0. Defining invariants is very helpful in coordinating work, and it also ensures that developers […]

The DeFi Déjà Vu: A long text analysis of the current DeFi dilemma

In August 2018, Dharma Labs co-founder and COO Brendan Forster put forward the concept of "DeFi" for the first time with the belief that decentralized finance will become the mainstream of the future. In his article "Announcing De.Fi, A Community for Decentralized Finance Platforms", he believes that the "DeFi" project needs to meet the following […]

Babbitt column | Yang Haipo: Bitcoin forks past events

Bitcoin Cash officially split from Bitcoin on August 1, 2017, and has passed its second anniversary. Looking back at the development of the two anniversary, Bitcoin Cash is both successful and failed. The success is that it still has an extremely active community, an evolving application, and a solid market position. The failure is that […]

When I bought Bitcoin for $18,000, the female billionaire regretted investing and called Bitcoin to deceive herself.

The popularity of Bitcoin is getting higher and higher, and doubts about Bitcoin trading and investment are growing. Bitcoin market trends have also raised suspicions. Obviously, the price of Bitcoin fluctuates greatly and may rise or fall when people are most unexpected. Image source: The risk of such volatility has hit the income of South […]

Slow money in the encrypted world: Which assets and communities are most important in the next decade?

Foreword: Before the concept of fast company and slow company, this paper put forward the concept of fast money and slow money. Fast money is traded, earning returns quickly through liquidity, while slow money gains the ultimate benefit through long-term value creation. Whether it is fast money or slow money, what can be done is […]

Analysis of the legality and privacy of DApp and the security of tokens in the ecology

In the past few years, the popularity of blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and EOS has introduced the world into a new paradigm of computing: decentralized applications. Unlike traditional applications on smartphones, decentralized applications are not owned and operated by an entity or organization. These applications, also known as DApps, offer many well-known advantages, including […]