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Someone used three models to predict the valuation of Bitcoin and found that …

Author: Stephen Perrenod Compilation: PayPal Finance What is the relationship between the price of bitcoin and time, difficulty of mining, and reserves-output? Stephen Perrenod recently published a long article analyzing the value of Bitcoin using three models and found that … 1 Security and scarcity: Bitcoin's dual feedback loop The beauty of Bitcoin is that […]

Buy $ 100 each for the Top 10 projects in early 2019. How much can you earn now?

Source: BlockBeats What is the best investment strategy? When the bear market returned, the Bitcoin price fell again to around 7000 US dollars. Faced with the current sideways market that is neither rising nor falling, the spot has shrunk, the futures have been out of stock, and the fixed investment has been lost. A good […]

How does the blockchain build a "gentleman's country" for industrial collaboration?

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse The "gentleman's country", which "keeps track of the road, stays closed at night, does not deceive children, and does what is necessary", is proposed by Meng Yan, deputy dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute, and a world of industrial synergy that can be constructed by […]

Is Enterprise Blockchain 3.0 coming? What challenges will the Bluesky project formed by the Twitter CEO face?

Source: The Startup Compilation: First Class (First.VIP) Editor's Note: The original title was "Enterprise Blockchain Towards the 3.0 Era, and Twitter's" Blue Sky Plan "May Lead a New Wave" As Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) announces the establishment of the Bluesky project, a new wave of enterprise-led blockchain is coming to us. Although previous attempts […]

Interpretation of Ethereum Proposal EIP1559: Reduce the total transaction fee and transaction fee volatility

Author: Edison Zhao, Cdot Network Researcher EIP1559 is a proposal to improve the Ethereum transaction fee mechanism, which was co-founded by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and ethhub_io founder Eric Conner. In August 2018, Vitalik published a paper, "Blockchain Resource Pricing", which explained the problems of the existing transaction fee mechanism from an economic perspective, and […]

Science | Three Principles of Bitcoin Mining: A Brief History of Cryptography, Hardware Knowledge, and Development

This article is the second of three series in Bitcoin mining. View previous article: Popular Science | Three Business Models of Bitcoin Mining, Logic of a Chicken Farm Three articles in Bitcoin mining (2 ): a brief history of hardware knowledge and development of cryptographic principles Author: village two old Previous Article The business model […]

Blockchain can prove "your mom is your mother"?

Text | ratchet Recently, the smart city + blockchain has become a hot topic in the industry. At the Collective Learning Conference of the Central Political Bureau on October 24, the national leaders pointed out that the combination of blockchain technology and smart city should be promoted to enhance the level of intelligence and precision […]

Science | What is the ERC-777 token contract?

ERC-777 is a new token contract standard that addresses some of the security issues of ERC-20, allowing contract creators, token holders and audiences to extend their functionality without changing tokens. ERC-777 draws on many ideas from standards such as ERC-20 and ERC-223, and has evolved into a new generation of standards that provide developers and […]

China's blockchain technology exports overseas: 6 countries have been radiated in May

On November 18, the People’s Daily reported that the Slovak Ambassador to China said in an interview that the China-Central and Eastern Europe blockchain center of excellence had recently held an unveiling ceremony in Beijing under the joint efforts of Slovakia and China. It is reported that the center is committed to bringing blockchain technology […]

National Information Center Zhu Youping: All financial enterprises in the future are blockchain enterprises

Source: Bank of China Insurance Original title: "All financial enterprises in the future are blockchain enterprises" – Interview with Zhu Youping, a well-known blockchain economist and researcher of China National Economic Information Network Reporter Zhao Hui "The blockchain is a new century-old wealth logic. It will fundamentally change the problem of overcapacity matching with the […]