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On the currency fee, circulation fee, market-making fee, a failed IEO project also costs so much money.

We all know that IEO is very bad. Just last week, research firm Longhash found that this short-lived financing mechanism—hundreds of password start-ups to sell on tokens through exchanges—has brought a negative 80% return to thousands of investors involved. rate. However, very few people know how much these losses have caused the company that issued […]

QKL123 market analysis | Ethereum can rise again, DeFi or can give an answer (0912)

Abstract: Recently, Bitcoin continued to oscillate along the convergence triangle. After the rebound of the altcoin, the new support level was tested. The bulls have risen and are expected to step out of the stage bottom. For more than half a year, decentralized finance has been a slogan, and Ethereum is one of its important […]

China's SAFE tells you the future direction of Bitcoin

On September 10, the land was thunderous. The State Administration of Foreign Affairs announced that, with the approval of the State Council, it decided to cancel the quota limit for qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) and RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII). This is the largest period in China's opening up to the outside world. […]

The origin of the history of capacity certification (PoC): Burstcoin

Many people may still be confused about the POC concept that may be a big fire this year. And because it is a new consensus mechanism, many people are skeptical about this. Do you feel that the excellent consensus mechanism has been discovered and verified? Now it is coming out again, is it not to […]

Blockchain Industry Weekly: Total market capitalization fell 2.11% from last week, 70% of the top 100 projects fell to varying degrees

The report produced by the Institute of Fire currency block chain, reports Published August 25, 2019, Author: Yuan Yuming, Rui   Summary The total market capitalization of blockchain assets this week fell by 2.11% from last week, and the market value of 70 projects in the TOP100 project fell to varying degrees. According to coinmarketcap […]