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Li Lihui, Former President of Bank of China: To Study Issuance of Global Digital Currency Dominated by China (full text)

Source: Sina Finance Sina Finance News On November 29, 2019, the ReFinTech Financial Technology Summit was held in Beijing New World Hotel. Li Lihui, the leader of the Blockchain of the China Mutual Fund Association and former president of the Bank of China, attended and gave a speech. The topic of the speech was "National […]

Research: US Treasury submits report in support of blockchain sandbox

Source: Xinhua Finance Xinhua Finance, Washington, November 29 (Reporter Xu Yuan) The concept of "regulatory sandbox" has been highly regarded and evaluated by the industry since it was proposed by the UK's Behavior Regulatory Authority in March 2015. But as of now, most countries are still watching the regulatory sandbox, and the regulatory sandbox has […]

Former President of Zhejiang Commercial Bank Liu Xiaochun: Seven Conjectures of the Bank of China on Digital Currency

Author: Liu Xiaochun (former Governor of the Bank of Zhejiang, Shanghai New Finance Research Institute) Source: Beijing News According to Chinese media recently citing foreign media reports, European Central Bank executive board member Benot Curé said that the European Central Bank is studying whether to develop a digital currency to replace cash. He also warned […]

IBM Global Central Bank Digital Currency Survey: Retail Central Bank Digital Currency-The Next Payment Boundary

Translators: Liu Bin and Zhao Yunde, directors of the Financial Research Office of Pudong Reform Institute Source: Didi Technology Information

DeFi observation for a week: stablecoins and smaller market value tokens become the next major growth point

As DeFi (Decentralized Finance) continues to spread in the blockchain industry, the Total Value Locking Measurement (TVL) has become a useful tool for measuring the progress of DeFi projects. It can also highlight the growth of the entire industry and help us determine the source of growth. According to data provided by DeFi Pulse, the […]

Ethereum token evolution: how will it develop in the future?

Author: Coin Metrics Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Editor's Note: The original title was "Viewpoint | Ethereum token evolution" In 2015, Ethereum ushered in a new era in the blockchain world: the era of tokens. In a broad sense, "token" represents a utility or asset and is usually issued on a blockchain. […]

Yesterday, 340,000 ETH on the Upbit exchange was stolen, but this server was attacked …

Author: Chengdu chain security According to industry media reports, around 1 pm on November 27, the security system of UpBit, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, was damaged, and 34,200 Ethereum were stolen (about 58 billion won). The corresponding digital assets were transferred from the exchange's hot wallet to an unknown wallet address. At […]

Former Director of the Central Bank on Digital Currency, Blockchain Application and Fintech Development

Source: Beijing News Chen Jing, former director of the Science and Technology Department of the People's Bank of China and a member of the National Advisory Committee on Information Technology. Beijing News photo reporter Wu Jiang Regarding the development of digital currencies, Chen Jing, the former director of the Science and Technology Department of the […]

Opinion: "Patent thinking" may destroy China's blockchain industry, and open source is the trend

Source: Longhash Editor's Note: The original title was "" Patent Thinking "Could Destroy China's Blockchain Industry" When talking about "blockchain" in an interview on November 6, Ren Zhengfei believed that "blockchain is not worth mentioning in front of quantum computers. Once there is a problem, huge funds may disappear instantly." This is obviously For the […]

Ethereum Foundation: What is Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0?

Author | Carl Beekhuizen Compilation | Jhonny & Tessa Editor's Note: The original title was "Ethereum Foundation: Participating in Eth2 Staking (Part 0)" With the launch of the beacon chain, Eth2 is also getting closer and closer to the foregone conclusion. It is time to synchronize with the community about the internal operation of Eth2 […]