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Implementing cross-chaining between Fabric, Quorum, and Corda, the integration framework for superbooks is like this

The current number of blockchain platforms is growing rapidly, which is undoubtedly a good thing for the industry, but the problem of information silos between blockchains has always been an unsolved problem. In the field of public chain, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest public chains, so many cross-chain agreements mainly solve the communication […]

What does the grayscale SEC registration application mean for the encryption industry if it is approved?

This article comes from Cointelegraph , the original author: Kirill Bryanov Odaily Planet Daily Translator | Nian Yinsi Tang On November 19th, Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of Digital Money Group and the world's largest digital asset management company, submitted a Form 10 to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of its Grayscale […]

$405 million! Ethereum's DeFi lock position reached a new high, MakerDAO accounted for 74%

According to data from the data analysis website DeFi Pulse, Ethereum (ETH) stored in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications reached a new milestone: 2.7 million. In dollar terms, this figure is currently about $405 million – a figure that is lower than the previous record of 2.4 million ETHs due to a sharp price decline. Despite […]

How to identify the Ponzi scheme in the blockchain?

In order to promote the public's awareness of blockchain technology and promote the research and application of blockchain service technology, the Blockchain and Intelligent Finance Research Center of Sun Yat-sen University launched the I nPlusLab blockchain blackboard newspaper column . This section will introduce blockchain related technologies and knowledge in the form of a series […]

The BRICS intends to create a single cryptocurrency for payment and settlement between member states

According to a report by Cointelegraph on November 15, an official of the recent BRICS summit showed that the member states of the organization discussed the issue of creating a new cryptocurrency at the summit. Image source: pixabay On November 14, Russian financial news agency RBC reported that the Director of the Russian Direct Investment […]

Ant Node Alliance Zeng Hao: Shining Maltese Chinese Star Entrepreneur, Winning European Applause with Blockchain

On November 6th, the European encryption tour organized by the ZBX trading platform of the China National Capital Group came to Malta in the last stop. Zeng Hao, founder of Ant Node Alliance, was invited to participate in the meetup held by ZBX. He was warmly welcomed by the European encryption industry. He said: China […]

What are the most profitable blockchain funds going on?

Text: Little Parker Source: Planet Daily Compared with direct investment cryptocurrency, there is a kind of financial product that allows investors to enjoy the dividend growth of the cryptocurrency market without facing the problems of exchange, storage, short-term price fluctuations, etc. This is the encryption fund. According to Grayscale Digital's official website data, the Grayscale […]

Resolution: Bitcoin block timestamp protection rules

Author: BitMEX team (Source: Pexels) Bitcoin time problem One might think that time is not an important consideration for the Bitcoin network, because each block references the hash of the previous block, so these blocks are already in order. The Bitcoin block also contains transactions (inputs, outputs, and values), the Merkle Tree of the derived […]

Analysis: Bitcoin cash has increased fluctuations in hash rate last month. Will this continue?

Author: BitMEX team Bitcoin Cash Hash Rate Estimate – (8-Hour Rolling Mean) – PH/s (Source: BitMEX Research) (Note: Eight hours have been selected to maximize the visual effect of dominant hash rate oscillations. Hash rate data is calculated using difficulty and block timestamp) Bitcoin cash hash rate fluctuations Recently, some people have noticed that the […]

Wuzhen·Genesis Mining CEO: Only the most innovative companies and the most efficient miners can survive

On November 8th, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt was officially opened. The conference gathered more than 100 global blockchains, digital assets, AI, 5G experts and scholars, and technical geeks. Opinion leaders and founders of popular projects, with the theme of “application unbounded”, explored the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and […]