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Lawyers' View | From the Telegram ban, see the legal risks of ICO in the US

Author: Luo Tao The legal battle between Telegram and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is intensifying. On October 11, 2019, the SEC issued an emergency ban prohibiting Telegram from selling Gram tokens on the grounds of "Issuing Grams of Illegal Digital Asset Securities." Up to six months of litigation. Ciondesk's April 2 message […]

Behind "House N" in South Korea: Is Encryption Security Really Safe?

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost On March 25, South Korean police conducted a rare public march against a criminal who was one of South Korean "N-room" operators "Dr. Zhao". He runs a series of sex chat rooms on instant messaging Telegram, shoots and uploads perverted videos, and receives hundreds of millions of won of cryptocurrency […]

Telegram says recent ruling "fundamentally" overturns SEC ban

Author: Marie Huillet In light of the protracted controversy in the Telegram case, what is the new argument raised by Telegram this time? What about the SEC response? Telegram has published a new case law that could be a factor in its allegations of violations of US federal securities laws. In a letter to U.S. […]

Billionaire, former government official and widow of Steve Jobs, Telegram investor lineup is luxurious

According to people familiar with the matter, Steve Jobs' widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, invested in Telegram's Gram Token and participated in the ICO of the Telegram Open Network (TON) project. This means that her investment is not less than $ 5 million, as this is the minimum threshold for the pre-sale fundraising stage. However, sources […]

Interpretation | SEC, Telegram and Regulation 144

Source: Crypto Valley Author: Scott Kupor Translation: Zoe Zhou Many people in the crypto community and other fields have been closely following the SEC's allegations of Telegram, which they believe is another regulatory test for the blockchain space. In a petition filed with the Federal Court in October 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission stated […]

The court acquiesced that Gram tokens are securities? Telegram's fight against regulation is coming to an end

Original: Forbes , Author: Andrea Tinianow Source: Blockchain Outpost , Translation: Luo Yuanhang Introduction: In the event that the parties to the sale of digital assets have not been accused of fraud, the federal court for the first time provides the parties with the opportunity to consider whether the digital assets under which the purchase […]

U.S. court extends Gram token sales ban, promises end-of-April verdict

U.S. local time today (February 19), U.S. District Court Judge P. Kevin Castel today (February 19) local ruling in the SEC and Telegram case. According to coindesk, New York's Southern District Judge Kevin P. Castel delivered an opening speech on Wednesday's trial, urging Telegram and the US SEC to consider the "economic reality" of the […]

SEC says Telegram's Gram tokens are less valuable than donuts

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a memorandum with the Southern District Court of New York stating that Gram tokens that Telegram plans to issue have no intrinsic value. The SEC stated in the public document that "Telegram attempts to classify Gram tokens as 'commodities'. But Gram is not a commodity. Unlike gold, […]

Telegram CEO: TON no longer retains any tokens after TON is released, and has now stopped spending resources on development and testing

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov testified about the company's alleged violation of U.S. securities laws during a $ 1.7 billion Gram token sale in 2018. Source: Pixabay According to the relevant court order, this statement was held on January 7 and January 8, and was held by a court reporter designated by the US Securities and […]

Telegram official reminder: Gram won't help you get rich

This article is from the official Telegram blog , translator of Odaily Planet Daily | Yu Shunsui On January 6, Telegram officially released "Announcement on TON Blockchain and Gram", the original text is as follows: You may have heard that since 2017, the Telegram team has been developing a new blockchain platform, the TON blockchain […]