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To improve the efficiency of cargo release, shipping giants and Tesla jointly piloted blockchain applications

On April 7, CargoSmart, a provider of shipping logistics management solutions, issued a document saying that it has cooperated with COSCO Shipping, Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) and Tesla to complete a Digitally transform the existing blockchain pilot application of the cargo release process, and point out that this is the first batch of pilot […]

Babbitt column | Cai Kailong: Tesla is the next Bitcoin or Apple

"Tesla's stock price has finally fallen!" It is not the stock shorts who sent this sentiment, but the financial reporter who breathed a sigh of relief. Due to the continuous tracking report on Tesla's rare market, financial reporters have long been poor and cannot find a better word to describe Tesla's "giant monster stock". In […]

Analysis: Bitcoin and its value growth logic for bull market entry

Prologue: Satoshi Nakamoto A nation has a group of people who look up at the stars, and they have hope. -Hegel Beginning in 2020, in addition to the outbreak of the new crown virus epidemic, Tesla, founded by Elon Musk, has also made eyebrows in the financial market. Its stock price has risen from a […]

Tesla plunges 20%, calling it "Bitcoin in the automotive sector"

What can you buy in 2020 to make your pots overflow? What will buy you in 2020 make you lose? The answer can be "Tesla". Tesla's stock has recently risen continuously, 700 US dollars, 800 US dollars, 900 US dollars, nearly 1,000 US dollars … and then sharply fell to 900 US dollars, 800 US […]

What can Ethereum do? Tesla boss seems to be very interested

Everyone should have sent a Twitter and Weibo with only one word in the past few days. The people in the currency circle are very busy, because the word is not outside the currency. But the people of the currency circle must know the words: Ethereum, Ethereum. The word Ethereum is different from Bitcoin. Bitcoin […]

Tesla may be best for a coin

Yesterday, Musk’s news of “calling the dog” was soaring, because April Fool’s Day had passed, and until William wrote this article, Musk still did not come out “dispelling”, so people are still guessing his intention. I will confirm it again. Musk’s profile is still “the former dog coin CEO”. The first tweet is still the […]