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Twitter CEO's application for establishment of Square financial services company approved, Square allowing BTC payments will be able to provide commercial loans

According to a Bitcoinist report on March 19, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has approved Bitcoin advocate and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's application for the establishment of Square Financial Services. This means that Square, a financial services and mobile payments company that allows bitcoin payments, will soon be able to provide commercial loans. (Source: […]

$ 2 billion stock repurchase agreement reached, Bitcoin advocate Jack Dorsey will stay on Twitter as CEO

According to a Bitcoinist report on March 10, Twitter has reached an agreement with activist investor Elliott Management, and Jack Dorsey will continue to be the CEO of Twitter. This statement is a major victory for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency communities. Board reorganizes, Dorsey will remain CEO Elliott Management's U.S. human rights investment operations director […]

Wall Street capital forces palace, Silicon Valley elite trust crisis and crypto sweetness

Production: CoinVoice Hero love Born in 1976, Jack Dorsey is also the CEO of Twitter of the United States and the CEO of Square, an electronic payment platform. The $ 4 billion Silicon Valley elite has now encountered a major career challenge. According to Bloomberg, Twitter's new shareholder, Elliott Management Investments, already holds a significant […]

Featured on Twitter | Dark Web 2019 Cryptocurrency Trading Doubles, Privacy Coin Usage May Increase

1. Ethereum stablecoin transfer amount exceeds ETH, stablecoin 2020 usher in a bumper year? Data released by Messari researcher Ryan Watkins shows that the amount of stablecoin transfers on Ethereum has exceeded ETH . The dark blue part at the bottom of the figure is the curve of the amount of ETH transfer, which showed […]

Featured | Top 10 content producers in the currency of Twitter; Is Bitcoin 2020 really like the early Internet?

Today's content includes: 1. Top 10 content producers in the currency circle; 2. High DeFi returns depend on usage and value acquisition; 3 Overview of "Stake" in various projects; 4. Is Bitcoin in 2020 really like the early Internet? 5. Progressive decentralization: The script for building cryptocurrency applications. Top 10 content producers on Twitter Spencer […]

Supervision stick, giant "encirclement and suppression", how does the crypto industry redeem itself?

Text | Zheng Yi Production | PANews On December 31, 2019, Sun Yuchen, the founder of TRON, completed the last acquisition during the year, and the decentralized live streaming platform DLive officially joined the BitTorrent ecosystem and began to migrate to Tron. DLive, which launched in 2018 with more than 5 million monthly users, claimed […]

Featured Twitter | A detailed article on 2019: What progress have been made by Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Foreword: Bitcoin Optech and ehthub_io founder Anthony Sassano each released a review of the progress made in Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2019 on the same day. Compared to Anthony Sassano, which detailed the progress made by the Ethereum ecosystem in different branch directions such as development, financing, and DeFi, and said that 2019 is "a […]

Is Enterprise Blockchain 3.0 coming? What challenges will the Bluesky project formed by the Twitter CEO face?

Source: The Startup Compilation: First Class (First.VIP) Editor's Note: The original title was "Enterprise Blockchain Towards the 3.0 Era, and Twitter's" Blue Sky Plan "May Lead a New Wave" As Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) announces the establishment of the Bluesky project, a new wave of enterprise-led blockchain is coming to us. Although previous attempts […]

Analysis: Why did Twitter founder Jack Dorsey develop protocols instead of platforms?

Author: Wang Guangzhong Editor's Note: The original title was "Negotiate Agreements, No Platforms" On December 11, 2019, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweeted that he would invest in setting up an independent open standards R & D team to develop a set of protocols for social applications. The ultimate goal is to make Twitter a client […]

The vision of Twitter CEO's social network: Decentralized network is the original intention, and the advent of blockchain rekindled the "hope" in my heart

On December 11, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of social network Twitter, published a series of tweets, expressing the future development of social networks. To this end, Dorsey announced that Twitter will fund a small five-person independent research team to create an open decentralized standard for social networks, and Twitter wants to be the implementer of […]