Cryptocurrency weekly gains list (2.16-2.22): Dragon Coins rose 109.41%, Cosmos rose 8.67%

The cryptocurrency market's shocks increased this week. Bitcoin, the highest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fluctuated sharply between $ 9,500 and $ 10,500. The sharp rise and fall during the week led to a large number of account bursts.

Most of the other major cryptocurrencies closed down this week. Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, only Tezos and Cosmos rose by 8% and 9%, respectively.

Thomas Lee, veteran crypto market analyst, said this week that the price of Bitcoin "is likely to" reach $ 500,000. Bitcoin advocate Max Keizer predicts that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 400,000. He said, "I formally raised my target price forecast for bitcoin. When bitcoin was still $ 1, I predicted that bitcoin could reach $ 100,000. Now it is my first formal increase in bitcoin target price forecast in eight years. 40 Ten thousand U.S. dollars."

Dragon Coins (current rank 99, current price $ 0.117939, weekly increase 109.41%)

DxChain Token (current rank 60, current price 0.000.00 USD, weekly increase 52.82%)

Cosmos (current ranking 19, current price 5 dollars, weekly increase 8.67%)

Tezos (current ranking 10, current price $ 3.36, weekly increase 7.97%).

Kyber Network (current ranking 59, current price 0.556408 US dollars, weekly increase 33.35%)

HedgeTrade (current ranking 22, current price $ 2.85, weekly increase 12.25%)

By Liang CHE

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