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As a new product in the post-Internet era, blockchain technology has a huge imagination space, relying on traceability, non-tampering, decentralization and other characteristics to build a new ecosystem of technology and application scenarios.

Since 2015, Tencent has been focusing on blockchain technology and independent research and development. Tencent FIT's TrustSQL focuses on the development of the underlying development platform and customized blockchain applications. Tencent Cloud's TBaaS is dedicated to reducing the use of the enterprise. The threshold of the blockchain, platforming the blockchain service, exploring the "blockchain+" solution, accelerating the blockchain application landing; TUSI blockchain middle platform solves the problem of cross-departmental and cross-system license trusted transfer With the application of the blockchain-one network management office, the business license, license and certification materials are transmitted on the blockchain.

Focusing on the industrial blockchain, Tencent is constantly pushing forward the “blockchain+industry” solutions to help value linkages between enterprises and enterprises and between enterprises and consumers. The accumulation of technology is the fundamental point of the industry. The blockchain of Tencent has also been practicing the concept of technological transformation scenes, focusing on the latest cutting-edge technology research and development, and seeking industrial empowerment windows.


1 Tencent blockchain underlying architecture


Blockchain attribute: Blockchain is a point-to-point transmission mechanism. It builds a powerful trust relationship and value transmission network through distributed accounting methods, multi-node consensus mechanism, asymmetric encryption and smart contracts. It is distributed, trusted, non-tamperable, value transferable and programmable.

  • It cannot be modified: after the information is chained, it has non-tamperable characteristics and can be applied to government big data governance to help data validation (including original source, management rights, access rights, usage rights, etc.) and accurately record data generation. Exchange, transfer, update, develop and utilize the entire process.
  • Asymmetric encryption mechanism: The blockchain hash encryption algorithm encrypts the data confidentiality or privacy part, and desensitizes the data in the circulation. The asymmetric encryption technology used between organizations can better divide roles, refine the operation rights of data, and ensure data privacy.
  • Traceability: Blockchain data exchange records are recognized, transparent, and traceable by all participants, and the exchange and sharing of data are “tracked”.
  • Smart contract technology: It can automatically manage and implement the agreed data sharing open use rules between government departments to create a trustworthy data sharing open environment.

Ten characteristics of Tencent blockchain: As an enterprise-level blockchain open platform, Tencent blockchain service integrates multiple blockchain underlying technologies to form a distributed ledger, weak centralization, and trustworthy system, providing enterprise security. All-round protection.

  1. Multi-level security protection: It can be deployed across regions to realize public cloud + financial cloud + privatization deployment and support data interconnection. Support the underlying technology architectures such as Hyperledger Fabric, FISCO BCOS, and Tencent TrustSQL to implement multi-engine drivers. With financial-grade service security, infrastructure security, contract security audit, and privacy protection for national secret algorithms; providing one-stop services: blockchain network operation and maintenance platform, smart contract development IDE, monitoring and early warning.
  2. Cross-chain technology application: Implement notarization based on single or multiple entities (multisig), send multiple signatures from the main chain to the side chain, avoid "double flower problem", and cooperate through the main chain and side chain. Realize high-speed lightning network transactions, high-level sidechain isolation of information, and protect the privacy and security of the backbone information.
  3. Zero-knowledge proof privacy protection: The verifier completes the transaction consensus without knowing the content, and the digital assets are stored in the blockchain in encrypted form. There is almost no interaction between the two parties. Through the zk-SNARK algorithm, after the construction phase is completed, the prover only needs to send a message to the verifier to realize the separation of the construction and verification process. An honest verifier can verify the correctness of a statement through an honest certifier, and the node and node complete the verification in a random block.
  4. High performance, high concurrency: For single-chain performance, the highest peak TPS of Tencent blockchain reaches 50487 (4 nodes), 50030 (8 nodes) and 48774 (16) on the premise of using high-configuration machines and 10 Gigabit networks. The nodes are five times the average peak of the industry. In terms of functions, Tencent's trusted blockchain achieved a 100% pass rate; stability, in the 12,000 pen/sec concurrent state, the Tencent blockchain passed the 24-hour continuous stable operation test.

2 Establish a credit consensus mechanism


In the initial stage of the integration of blockchain and physical industry, the most extensive demand is to increase trust, and its application scenario is to deposit certificates, which is also an important cornerstone of the development of industrial blockchain. The core of the deposit is to enhance the credibility of the data, provide the dual guarantee of “storage” and “certificate” for the relevant data, and strengthen the credibility of the data. The market expects it to be effective for pre-emptive prevention and after-the-fact accountability.

Nowadays, deposit certificates are preferentially cut into scenarios that are sensitive to trust requirements or require high data authenticity. In the fields of justice, finance, public welfare, government affairs, copyright, medical care, traceability and supply chain, there are a lot of attempts and landings, which are gradually becoming One of the large-scale application directions of industrial blockchain.

The deposit certificate mainly solves the problem of authenticity of data, and lays an important foundation for trust for multi-party cooperation among enterprises in the industry. Tencent blockchain combines technologies such as smart contracts, identity authentication and privacy protection to transform inefficient collaboration models between traditional enterprises, improve them through pre-set rules, intelligent collaboration and information sharing, simplify cooperation processes, improve collaboration efficiency, and strengthen Mutual trust and cooperation to realize the leap from "information Internet" to "trust Internet".

Logical platform operation logic diagram

For traditional industries, issues such as trust, value transfer and digital transformation among multiple entities are the problems faced by many traditional industries and have become obstacles to their further development. The technical characteristics of the Tencent blockchain can meet the needs of credit enhancement, automation and digitization in its transformation and upgrading, and integrate it into the traditional industry to establish a new model of industry + blockchain.

In order to further expand the application of the blockchain and reduce the use threshold of the blockchain, Tencent Cloud relies on the open source community and the Tencent cloud computing platform to create a blockchain infrastructure for the smart industry and distributed business, providing a one-stop zone for the outside world. The blockchain service platform, TBaaS, improves the efficiency of individual and enterprise deployment blockchains and accelerates application adoption.

TBaaS service platform function module diagram

As an enterprise-level blockchain open platform, the current Tencent blockchain has been applied in many scenarios, including insurance direct compensation, fund settlement, electronic bills, supply chain finance, smart healthcare, charity and other fields. . With the gradual expansion of the demand for the blockchain market, the blockchain of Tencent will continue to create innovative scene application capabilities and radiate excellent blockchain platform capabilities to all walks of life.

3 Tencent blockchain landing application scenario

The blockchain of Tencent is focused on the application of the scene, integrating technology and industry, aiming at solving practical problems and empowering the industry. In terms of platform capabilities, Tencent is not only the first unit to pass the China Telecomtsu Trusted Blockchain detection standard, but also has been awarded the Trusted Blockchain Test Certificate by the Institute.

In terms of application scenarios, Tencent has conducted extensive and in-depth cooperation with enterprises, academic institutions and governments to actively carry out research in the fields of finance, public welfare, games, legal affairs, supply chain and medical care, which have pains, solutions, and value for the industry. Potential applications and other directions to conduct multi-party discussions and exchanges, form practical and feasible industry solutions and promote application landing, and accelerate the development of industrial blockchain.

Tencent blockchain product big event map

1. Food and drug co-administration alliance chain

In the face of fast-tracking and difficult-to-track online sales, anti-counterfeiting methods and thinking need innovation, and solutions supported by big data technology have become new outlets to solve business pain points and achieve low-cost anti-counterfeiting. How to prevent physical and online anti-counterfeiting Raising the threshold for fraud has become an urgent problem to be solved. In this context, the Anxin code anti-counterfeiting platform represented by the Tencent Peace of Mind program supports multiple physical anti-counterfeiting technologies, protects brands and consumers, and becomes a "tool" for combating counterfeit products and cutting off fake dens.

Tencent Security has established cooperation with Haiwang Health Industry, Wuliangye, AstraZeneca, Maxim Mooncake and other manufacturers to provide technical services in different scenarios such as anti-counterfeiting and deep data tracking. At the same time, it provides large data security capabilities to public security agencies and other regulatory agencies. To help achieve "intelligent food regulation."

2. Tencent blockchain electronic invoice:

The blockchain of Tencent will combine the flow of funds and invoices into one, combine the invoice issue with online payment, and open the whole process of invoice application, billing, reimbursement and tax filing. Through the blockchain electronic invoice, the transaction will be invoiced. Invoicing is reimbursement. For the tax regulator and the management tax bureau, it can achieve the technological innovation of the whole process supervision, realize the paperless intelligent tax management, and the process is more controllable. Since the first anniversary of the online invoice of the blockchain in Tencent, more than 6 million electronic invoices have been issued, with a total invoice amounting to 3.9 billion yuan, covering more than 113 detailed industries.

3. Micro enterprise chain:

Micro-enterprise chain is committed to building a fully open supply chain financial blockchain service platform, helping to change the financing dilemma of small and micro enterprises by empowering financial markets and small and micro enterprises. Enterprise users can realize the seamless connection between the asset end and the fund end in the micro-enterprise chain platform through online operation. At the same time, the blockchain technology of Tencent provides security technology guarantee for the split transfer of the creditor's rights certificate, and provides fair and credible for each participant. On the books; Tenpay provides technical support to realize the second-level automatic clearing service. It has greatly improved the financing dilemma of small and micro enterprises, and improved the operational efficiency and competitiveness of core enterprises. It has received no objection letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and a storage rack size of 10 billion yuan.

4. To the letter chain:

In the Internet era, information dissemination tends to zero cost, but because data is easily falsified, information on the Internet is difficult to verify. Due to its inability to modify, the blockchain has great potential value in protecting original copyrights. It will tighten the infringement clues and provide users with “one-click deposit, chain confirmation, infringement detection, and evidence collection”. Such ability to achieve effective protection of the legitimate rights and interests of users. The ecological architecture to the letter chain is based on the top-level double-chain fusion mode of the Tencent blockchain. The lowest-level consensus node is the core node. At present, an organization such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has joined the consensus node of the letter chain to jointly establish an authority chain platform.

5. Intellectual Property Alliance Chain:

Tencent's intellectual property alliance chain provides users with rights creation, application confirmation, confirmation of power, infringement identification and security, inquiry and transaction process services, and verification of user identity information through blockchain nodes to ensure information authenticity. Safeguard property rights information to prevent tampering, leaving marks in the matter, post-mortem auditing, and security verification, and build a safe and efficient intellectual property protection system.

The blockchain brings efficiency and cost reduction to the enterprise, and provides new ideas for economic and social development and governance. It can create richer products and services around the blockchain system. Based on the design principles of “independent innovation, safe and efficient, open sharing”, Tencent has opened up its internal capabilities, built blockchain infrastructure, and used technology to enable industries to provide new solutions for various industries.

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