Encrypted currency with liar's playing cards

Yesterday, there was a surveillance video of Liu Qiangdong’s Mingzhou apartment incident on Weibo, I believe everyone saw it. But I have seen many comments still insisting that "this can't explain anything", Liu Qiangdong is still a bad person, he still sinned.

In fact, this incident will happen. It has already been said that Liu Qiangdong is not a "good guy", but in this case, the US prosecutors have decided not to prosecute, and there is no evidence to prove that QJ has indeed occurred. Why do most people still want to believe in Liu Qiang? Did the East do that?

And when I heard someone say something objective, I felt that I was "washing white" for Liu Qiangdong?

To put it bluntly, in fact, many people only believe in what they are willing to believe.

People are willing to believe in the script of "the rich man bullies the girl" and do not want to believe the script of "the girl framed the rich".

Regardless of which script is true, people are willing to trust the former, regardless of the facts and laws.

Liu Qiangdong must be a bad person. At least the derailment is also a matter of fact. I can't wash it. I just think that everyone should be rational.

However, I have not talked about this on Weibo, because the first is easy to be embarrassed, the second thing is not related to or not to mix. But why do you want to write this risk at the risk of being shackled today? Because I am really deeply touched.

People are only willing to hear what they want to hear.

This is especially true in the currency circle.

Why do I rarely talk about other currencies on the platform? Because when you say that it is not good, people who hold the currency must come out to refute you, saying how can you say this, you know P.

However, which currency is perfect?

Take Bitcoin for example. The speed of transfer, especially when the market is a little bit worse, gambles into the Beijing East Third Ring Road after work, and I have not said it. The problem is there. In particular, the currency circle is still in a very immature stage. All the projects are still in the experimental stage. No project has matured enough to be commercially available to large enterprises.

Rather than saying that the currency circle is a financial market, it is better to say that the currency circle is a playground . The roller coaster is an indispensable game. The pirate ship and the rapids are the games that people love. In short, everything can make your money stir in places you can't see. The game that keeps sending you hormones is your favorite.

The currency circle is very lively for a few periods every year. After the excitement, the result must be a chicken feather. Everyone is very impressed.

From the hot Bitcoin stocks in 2013, to the carnival of Altcoins (the bitcoin), to the glory of IC0, these big nodes have been crazy and ruined.

Far away, just say that in the past 2018, the fire has become obsessed with cats, fired FOMO3D, fired the trading mining, fired the Dice class DAPP, fired the prediction concept coin, fired the "Wenzhou Bang" pull plate, etc. wait wait wait.

When it's wonderful, it's like a fireworks, and it's like a poisonous smoke.

And when they are on fire, the atmosphere of the currency circle is "You say that he is not good, I am anxious with you, because you are obstructing me to make a fortune", and I have been looking for those who say that this game is good. And when they collapsed, the atmosphere of the currency circle was "digging graves and digging graves. This person once recommended us to play these ZJPs!".

People only hope that you will call him into the game before you start making money, and call him to leave before he starts to lose money.

The truth is, even if you do this, he will not enter the game when you call him into the game, when he leaves the scene, he will not leave the game, and finally lose money to marry you.

What's more, no one can be so accurate.

So obviously, nothing is said to be the safest.

I recently read a book called "The Liar's Playing Cards", which is quite interesting. The "Liar's Playing Card" itself is a game: this is a game that combines statistical judgment and bluffing, using the eight-digit serial number on the US dollar. Players only need to find a few banknotes arbitrarily. The goal of the game is to guess the number of digits and not exceed the sum of the number of digits in the banknote serial number in all players.

To put it simply, it is to guess that there are "a few" on the banknotes of everyone. The game is very simple. All the difficulty is judged on one thing, that is, "Does anyone else lie to you?"

This is actually very similar to the market of the currency circle. Everyone wants to buy at the lowest point and sell at the highest point. In fact, the speculative coin becomes the game of leek and banker. The dealer wants to pull the plate is the main reason for buying a coin in the leek, but when does the dealer pull the plate, when the pull is over, when is the pull again, no one knows, but the market is open and public to everyone. of.

So the speculation of the coin consolidates everything that needs to be learned into a liar's poker game. You just have to guess if the dealer has just cheated you. It sounds much easier than learning cryptography, blockchain, PoW/S, decentralization, zero-knowledge proof, etc. You just need to sit at the table. How attractive, while satisfying the gambling pleasure, while shouting the blockchain revolution.

There is nothing better than this, but there is nothing faster than this.

It is better to persuade you to be calm.

(Author: William Chen)

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