WikiLeaks Bitcoin Donation Address Retrospection: How much donated? Who is donating?

On April 11, Assange, who had sought refuge for seven years at the British Embassy in the United Kingdom, was arrested by the British police after the withdrawal of the asylum. This event can be described as a hot event that integrates politics, technology, society and culture. For a long time, Assange and his WikiLeaks have transcended the political category, and the public opinion of him has become a cultural phenomenon in the Internet age.

In fact, Assange also had a close relationship with digital assets. After he was arrested, WikiLeaks’ public bitcoin donation address received a large amount of donations. So, what are the characteristics of WikiLeaks’ publicly accepted address? How many donations have you accepted? Where is it from? Today, let the experts in the traceability of the digital asset chain of Beijing Chainan make a brief introduction for everyone.

When it comes to digital asset traceability, in actual operation, it can be based on some existing block browser data interfaces, or after crawling data with crawlers, or directly from the chain for analysis. Comparing the two methods, the former is relatively simple, but subject to the data scope disclosed by the block browser, it depends on the tolerance of the block browser provider to crawl their own data, which is often difficult to perform based on more historical data. analysis. The latter, through the analysis of the full amount of data on the chain, can often obtain more comprehensive data, and thus obtain more valuable analysis results, which is also our technical direction.

According to the analysis of the data traceability analysis team analysts in the Beijing Chain Security Chain, due to the limitations of the bitcoin full-node native client leveldb storage using key value, Bitcoin's blockchain browser has no way to use UTXO for capital flow. Presentation, the source and flow of funds cannot be more effectively and deeply analyzed through the blockchain browser.

By accessing and de-duplicating 250GB of full-scale data and more than 400 million transaction data in the Bitcoin chain, the analysis team analyzed nearly 300 million addresses and has imaged 51,380,177 addresses through address images. mark. It is based on such technology that we can track the source and subsequent direction of the data on the chain, and meet the requirements of digital currency business compliance and anti-money laundering according to the image mark of some addresses.

Specific to WikiLeaks, there are currently two public Bitcoin addresses that accept outside donations, one of which is the older address: 1HB5XMLmzFVj8ALj6mfBsbifRoD4miY36v. As of April 19th, the address has received more than 20,000 donations and received a total of 4042.585649 BTCs. From the current point of view, these BTCs have been transferred out.

In addition, WikiLeaks currently has a newer address: 36EEHh9ME3kU7AZ3rUxBCyKR5FhR3RbqVo, which was opened on March 25, 2018. A total of 261 donations were received as of April 19 this year, when the balance was 4.693352762 BTC. From the address of the donation received at this address, in addition to the direct payment from the relevant personal address, we can also observe some donations from the organization according to the analysis of the known address, 10 of which are from the mining pool Eligius. The rest comes from exchanges such as,, and It should be noted that this does not mean that these organizations donate directly to WikiLeaks. It is likely that their individual users can directly refer Bitcoin to WikiLeaks' donation address through the coin-raising function.

For the 1HB5XMLmzFVj8ALj6mfBsbifRoD4miY36v, which has a larger amount of data, we will also release a targeted analysis report in the near future. In addition, in early May, we will conduct a comprehensive retrospective analysis of the circulation of a dark network address of more than 110,000 bitcoins, so stay tuned.

(Source: Beijing Chain Security)

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