Fast broadcast Wang Xinxin APP "Ling Ge" came out, is the blockchain still a gimmick?

If you feel that you are still owing a good "member" to the founder Wang Xin, then the opportunity to repay the account is coming again.

Recently, an app called “Lingge” created by Wang Xin is gaining popularity. This is another blockchain + product of Wang Xin after the blockchain social app “Toilet MT”. At present, the entire microblog has a large number of people who are eating melons in the request for invitation code, because the spirit pigeon is still in the internal testing stage.

WeChat screenshot_20190827175955

The official introduction said that the spirit pigeons can bring together the skills of all walks of life, through the accurate matching of big data and algorithms, so that users can find the most suitable people and the best service anytime, anywhere, so the spirit pigeon is the service industry. "Taobao".

An internet product that offers part-time service? From the point of view of the product's pain point, it is basically the same as 58 to home, e-cultivation, and pigs. Is there innovation? For example, users who cannot actively search for matching requirements can only passively recommend. For example, the blockchain once again becomes the underlying technology of the Internet APP.

Unlike the regular entry of a mobile phone number to obtain a verification code registration, the registration of a spiritual pigeon account is one step further, the user will get a vSIM card and need to set a password for it. The prompt says that the user password bound to the vSIM card can only be set once and cannot be changed, so the password needs to be kept safely.

Familiar with the blockchain, you will be convinced of the decentralized storage of digital currency wallets, public keys, and private keys. According to the introduction of the spirit pigeon, the account system and the vSIM card use the underlying technology of the blockchain. Therefore, this vSIM card is the “key” for decoding the blockchain of the pigeons. WeChat picture_20190827205659

▲ After saving the picture, you can upload the picture + password the next time you log in. The picture is similar to the account.

SIM is a commonly used mobile phone card such as mobile, telecommunications, etc. It includes CPU, ROM, RAM, EEPROM and communication unit. Simply put, it is responsible for communication, but also the identity card of the mobile phone. SIM cards have evolved from Mini SIM, MicroSIM to NanoSIM and are getting smaller and smaller. This vSIM essentially acts as a data traffic communication carrier like the SIM card, but it has no physical, virtual SIM card. According to the general understanding, the communication module with SIM function can be integrated with the vSIM special customized underlying software. Encrypt data storage.

At present, we have not seen the official implementation of the specific implementation and function of its blockchain technology, but there is an article that the account of the spirit pigeon involves service commission, and the vSIM plus blockchain technology can guarantee the assets of the account stolen. Security. In addition, it can also realize the privacy and security of personal information.

It sounds cool, but the spirit pigeon is not a pure blockchain product. From the user experience, it is still an Internet app. And the more chilling thing is that the user agreement and privacy terms that users generally don't pay much attention to are read in detail. There is no blockchain in the long and cumbersome text, and the use of user privacy information is no different from other Internet products.

Timg (1)

▲Quick broadcast founder Wang Xin

As a technical school, Wang Xin once claimed to have started “blocking the blockchain” in 2013. At that time, the fast-playing internal team had released a product called “Traffic Ore”, which can be said to be the pioneer of the global “Shared CDN Model”. Just like mining, users contribute broadband and memory to get ore, and the team has won a special award for the CEO of the fast broadcast. Since then, the famous Thunderbolt player cloud and flow ore have been similar in gameplay, but only realized blockchaining. Today, the flow of ore is still operating, but it is not the same as the ability of the player to absorb gold.

WeChat picture _20190827183725_ copy

▲Image from Weibo

After the release of prison in March 2018, Wang Xin posted a map on Weibo, in which P2P, Blockchain, AI, etc. were highlighted. Later, a main body named Shenzhen Yunge Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. emerged, and Wang Xin held 91.5% of the shares as a major shareholder. In the official website introduction, it said that it will combine the latest blockchain smart contract technology to ensure the security of data transmission and access, so that each individual can find a self-realizing channel, so that everything can be scheduled. Its services will be built on the blockchain architecture to fully protect the privacy of users, ensure transaction security, and provide reliable technical support and data support for the construction of the national credit system.

Big IP plus media reports, Wang Xinjian refers to the blockchain and artificial intelligence ambitions become known all over the world.

On January 15th, 2019, Yunge's first product, the anonymous social APP toilet MT, came out. This app with the name of “blockchain+social” has given the blockchain industry a shot. It chats with Luo Yonghao's chat treasure and Zhang Yiming's flash, and Tencent WeChat, staged a drama of three British wars. As a result, this "revolutionary force" was quickly annihilated by Tencent, and the Apple IOS download link was shut down, the registration SMS verification code was not received, and the toilet MT was killed as soon as it was born.

Timg (2)

Will the spirit pigeons under the blockchain blessing be responsible for it? After all, in the field of Internet + services, there is no such giant in Tencent.

However, this time the chain circle is not a cold for Wang Xin. A circle of friends heard that the spirit pigeons also played the blockchain concept. At first glance, the blockchain is a gimmick. There are also friends who directly vomit: "A chat software with the blockchain flag is not used."

From another point of view, if it can become a burst, even if it is not what the blockchain products that are expected in the circle have anything to do with it, after all, it may really let the blockchain technology fall, instead of talking about the blockchain. It must be revolutionary, but it is useless.

Wang Xin once said on Weibo that it is not necessary to pay too much attention to new concepts, such as blockchains, and products that use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to solve problems. This is the core.

Internet entrepreneurs are eager to join the blockchain. The result seems to be only a local feather. Wang Xin, a player who focuses on the Internet but is passionate about blockchain technology, can bring some surprises to the impetuous circle?

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