From the arguments of NGC Zhu Weiyu and Dovey, talk about Cosmos

I have been studying the Nervos project in recent days and have consulted various materials and literature. Surprisingly, 1confirmation's evaluation of Nervos is so high: " This is the strongest team we have ever seen to build Layer 1 outside of Ethereum ."

I can't even believe that this sentence is from the 1confirmation. 1confirmation is a Crypto Fund founded by Coinbase's early employee Nick Tomaino. It is also a currency institution that I really appreciate. They don't have a lot of investment portfolios, but they are very streamlined and can be said to be critical to some extent.

They are optimistic about Polkadot and Cosmos, and they all voted, but for Nervos' evaluation of "the strongest team of layer1 outside Ethereum", even these two king-level projects have lost a lot of color. Of course, it is also possible that they classify Polkadot and Cosmos as Layer1.

In my opinion, 1confirmation is already a large-scale fund (subjective cognition), but they do not position themselves as "big capital." Nick’s view on this is, “Although there are a lot of big capital in this market, we believe that we still need some small capital to do things. 1confirmation not only provides capital, but also provides various kinds of these early projects. The service, as long as the founder speaks, needs some non-technical help."

Imagine that their size is not large. The second phase of the fund raised $45 million. Compared to the size of the Polychain billion dollar, 1confirmation is really a "small capital." But what is rare is to dare to admit this in the interview.

I also saw an article by Nirvada Capital partner Mable interviewing Nick, who asked questions about the shares of Commonwealth and the value of Edgeware. Nick replied, “ Our investment is the founder of quality projects, so we don’t know how much value they can capture in the future.

Really unbelievable. This is a valuable quality in the currency, especially for an institution.

This makes sense. Whether it is the high evaluation of Nervos or the clear positioning of itself, it is derived from their true quality. So they can maintain maximum frankness and objective self-awareness.

I can't help but remind me of the ISSG founder Jocy's September West Conference in Shanghai. In one of the Pannels, NGC's Zhu Weiyu and Dovey's sisters were "arguing."

Teacher Zhu Weiyu believes that the project itself can be self-reliant, and it is most important to openly communicate and communicate with investors. This industry does not need “politicians” who only distract existing resources, but needs some people who truly create value and create new things.

Sister Dovey is more active in defining the term “politician”. She believes that “politicians” are entrepreneurs in a higher dimension, and successful entrepreneurs need to have the comprehensive qualities of diplomats, investors and politicians. .

The debate about the quality of the founder made the entire Pannel add a touch of gunpowder, but it also made the originally boring Pannel interesting.

Regarding whether the founders of the project side still need to have a politician-quality discussion, just like PoW and PoS's excellent discussion, everyone has been discussing but neither side can convince each other. In the end, they can only talk to each other XX.

When talking about the political leadership of the project side, we often use Polkadot and Ethereum as positive examples, and take Cosmos as a negative example.

Cosmos's entire team's traits: low-key, unobtrusive, humble, task-driven (working hard). Compared with the existing blockchain project team, there is a sense of incompatibility. Even Multicoin's Kyle admits that the primary competition for cryptocurrency projects today is the “entry into the market” strategy. Who can capture the highlands through marketing, it will win half. If half is too much, then at least 1/3 is there.

In this era of encryption above "marketing," Cosmos seems to be out of place.

It is this heterogeneous team that has grown from a $17 million project to a $1 billion market capitalization project, and the team holds nearly $100 million in reserves. Investors who participated in private placements also had a good income, nearly 40 times the income of the French currency, and 5 times the income of the bitcoin.

In September, Wanxiang Blockchain had the opportunity to have an hour of exchange with Cosmos founder Jae Kwon. Chat with Jae about the centralization of the node, the transparency of the Interchain Foundation grants, and the current status of Cosmos in China. Jae didn't make any excuses, and admitted that these were problems and they fell into thinking.

A month ago, Shinbun interviewed Chjango Unchained, the head of community strategy at the Cosmos team. We asked her, “As a founder of a project, do you think he needs to be like a politician? What do you think of Jae Kwon? Still too low-key, silently focused on the work of development. It seems that everyone feels that the founder of a project has the talent of a politician, and it is more likely to succeed. Do you think Cosmos needs this?"

Chjango replied that authenticity is her most valued character.

For example, Jae's behavior in the public is the same as that of his own person, so she thinks his character is no problem.

“Perhaps there are many founders of cryptocurrencies who want to play the role of political leader, but this is not the point that Cosmos is focusing on. The work that Cosmos does today will enable future generations to benefit from it and build on its foundation. Continue to develop. To optimize this value must be a long-term thing, we firmly believe that the fundamental value of sustainability can not be faked and copied. "

We also asked Jae's assistant, Sydney, if Jae was writing code most of the day, she said yes.

Friends who encrypt China may know the Cosmos project, but if you ask the name of the founder of Cosmos, I promise that everyone can't answer it. In fact, Jae is only one of the founders, and the other is Ethan.

Anyway, Jae Kwon is such a person: low-key, idealistic, geek, focused on writing code silently. Not only himself, but the entire team of Cosmos is so tonal. 1confirmation has a pertinent evaluation of this team: "This is a task-driven team." In the 3-4 years of development, the team has been proving itself with products, not playing the virtual one.

At this point, I think I have an understanding of the topic of political leaders.

Many people think that the decentralization of blockchain is an end, but in fact decentralization is more of a means, and anti-censorship is the meaning of blockchain. Analogy to the political leadership of the founder of the project. If you have it, then it is a icing on the cake. If not, it doesn't matter. After all, in the end, we can come up with a quality product, accumulate a strong consensus on the project, and play a key role in the development and innovation of the entire blockchain industry. These are the more important things.

The talent of political leaders is not the quality that a founder of a blockchain project must possess.

Otherwise you can't explain why Cosmos has a $1 billion valuation today.

Although the cryptocurrency industry is full of thorns and darkness. Fortunately, there are institutions and projects such as 1confirmation and Cosmos. Because they are expensive.

The blockchain industry does not require sophisticated egoists.

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