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When the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the eighteenth collective study on the status quo and trends of blockchain technology development, the state leaders pointed out in their speeches that they should explore the use of blockchain data sharing models to achieve cross-departmental and inter-regional maintenance of government data. Use, promote business synergy, deepen the "most run once" reform, and bring a better government service experience to the people.

This means that blockchain technology will enter our daily lives and help us solve the problems that people really care about in life, such as "difficult to see a doctor, difficult to go to school, difficult to do". Just recently, the Hangzhou Municipal Data Resources Administration completed the construction and trial operation of the first government-based blockchain system in Hangzhou, the “government service chain”. Today we will talk about the direct impact of the government chain on us.

01 What is the government service chain? How will it affect our lives?

As the name is, it is the chain that serves our government affairs. It mainly handles the examination and approval and administrative services within the scope of various jurisdictions. I know that there are exit and entry management service halls, labor and social security service halls, and real estate service halls in the government affairs hall. , the public service hall of talents, etc., is a comprehensive service platform. The combination of blockchain technology and government affairs, using its characteristics of non-tampering, openness and transparency, will bring convenience and convenience to the staff and us.

First, the vertical information is open and transparent, avoiding the problem of “one black”. Suppose one day, the national policy stipulates that 20,000 yuan will be paid to every poor household. As a result, we will have two yuan left in our hands. We don’t know where the money goes. Many times we can’t find evidence and methods. Solution, it is likely to choose to swallow, but with the government service chain, this possibility is very small, because everyone can view the fund disbursement approval and the fund payment result inquiry through the government service chain, the whole process is here Managed on the chain, reducing some manual operations and proofreading risks.

Second, horizontal data interconnection and interoperability, and the cooperation of various departments is convenient. This is the biggest help in education. In the school, it is often necessary to open all kinds of certificates. It is in the city, in the district, in the township, and it is a headache for many parents and students. To meet the special needs of doing things, every time With a bunch of materials, the materials needed in different places are different. Through the government service chain, the data communication between each part and the area is synchronized. It only needs to be processed in one place, so that it does not need to be verified repeatedly, and it can achieve “up to only one time”. Improve work efficiency.

Whether it is vertical or horizontal data-winding, the staff saved energy. We also ran less, complicated things, and solved the old problem of “difficult to do things”. The two were happy.

02 What are the problems facing the government service chain?

It is of great significance for the landing of the Hangzhou blockchain in the field of government affairs to bring better government service experience to the people. However, there are still more problems to be solved in the future.

First, the blockchain technology itself is immature. Although the blockchain is beginning to be known by more and more people, it is only about ten years since the birth of Bitcoin. Many technologies are still in the exploratory stage. The human and material resources of the blockchain industry are still scarce, so the block The combination of the chain and any industry requires a high professional team to assist, but there are still some risks.

Second, the blockchain popularity is low, the acceptance of different places is different, and it is difficult to expand the nodes. The current government chain is still being piloted locally. Only the place where blockchain development is prevalent is being tried. However, in many areas, the concept of blockchain is unaware of it, and it has only been heard. This is for a wider range of information and trust. It is unfavorable to let more government departments become the "nodes" of the government service chain. When a large number of applications are needed, the public's doubts need to be dispelled. For example, telling him that he can understand and recognize it by paying attention to the WeChat public number "white-speaking blockchain". Use it with confidence.

03 Summary

Although the "blockchain +" landing requires time and technical testing, it has also begun to surge in various industries, from the financial industry, securities pass and other high-level industries to the places that ordinary people can see. All we have to do is understand it, apply it, and let blockchain technology serve our lives. This is the final and best destination for every technology.

What aspects of the government chain will bring us convenience? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area.



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