The blockchain national team is here! National Information Center and UnionPay jointly released blockchain service network

On October 15th, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) Conference and Technology Development Summit Forum hosted by the National Information Center was held in Beijing. The White Paper on the Basics of Blockchain Service Network was released.

According to Babbitt, the white paper was jointly prepared by the National Information Center, China Mobile Communications, China UnionPay, China Mobile Financial Technology, Smart Government and Beijing Jujube Technology.

The public chain is useless, the alliance chain is separate, and the industry needs public infrastructure.

The white paper points out that the current blockchain is divided into a public chain and a license chain. The public chain is difficult to operate legally in China because of its unregulated and liberal nature. At present, except for the majority of virtual currency using the public chain, almost no other information applications use pure public chain architecture.

Taking into account the policy risks and technical limitations of the public chain, the white paper specifically states that the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) will not support any public chain applications.

The alliance chain technology in the license chain can be used to optimize the business processes of most traditional information systems, especially for business scenarios without strong centers, multi-party collaboration, and risk control.

However, the white paper pointed out that the participants of the traditional alliance chain application need to separately establish and operate their own dedicated accounting nodes, and it is easy to form an isolated blockchain application similar to the local area network, resulting in overburdened participants, and various LAN-type zones. The underlying platforms used in blockchain applications are heterogeneous. There is no unified technical standard. Business data cannot be exchanged, which restricts the technology transformation and industrial layout of blockchain. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a public infrastructure network recognized by all parties. .

The Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is a chain-based technology that provides a common infrastructure network that can be used for low-cost development, deployment, operation, maintenance, interoperability, and supervision of alliance chains. The high cost of the LAN architecture of the application, the Internet concept provides developers with a common blockchain resource environment, greatly reducing the development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interoperability and supervision costs of blockchain applications, thus making the blockchain technology fast. Popularization and development.

Establish a public “water plant” without having to drill wells and save water, saving 90% compared to traditional alliance chains

The blockchain service network consists of public city nodes and consensus sorting cluster services, developed, constructed and operated by China UnionPay . Each city can establish one or more public city nodes, and all city nodes are connected through the Internet to form a blockchain service network with physical city nodes all over the country (future to the world).

Publishers of blockchain applications simply deploy applications to multiple city nodes in the service network, and participants can make virtually no-cost access through the city node gateway. Within each city node, all deployed applications share server resources.

On the service network, blockchain application publishers and participants do not need to purchase physical servers or cloud services to build their own blockchain operating environment. Instead, they use the service network to provide unified public services and lease shares on demand. Resources, which greatly reduce the cost of publishers and participants.

The white paper pointed out that if a traditional alliance chain LAN environment is set up, according to the current mainstream cloud service providers' quotations, the minimum cost per year should be more than 100,000 yuan. And through the service network, an application can be chained and run into operation only for 2-3 thousand yuan per year.

In other words, the blockchain service network can save at least 90% of the cost of the traditional alliance chain environment . This is like establishing a public water plant through the city to provide users with a unified water supply service, eliminating the cost of users to drill wells.

Five core architectures to reduce blockchain development and operation and maintenance costs

The core structure of the service network is mainly composed of five parts: public city node, consensus sorting cluster service, authority management chain, intelligent gateway and prefabricated chain code mechanism.

Among them, the public city node is the basic operation unit of the service network, and its main function is to provide system resources such as access control, transaction processing, data storage and computing power for the operation of the blockchain application.

The consensus sorting cluster service is mainly to reduce the deployment and operation costs of the blockchain application, and is constructed and operated by China UnionPay.

The rights management chain is the system basis chain used to manage the relationship between roles and rights in each application in the service network. It is deployed in all urban nodes, providing a unified chain of storage, application developer control, and application-role access control model-based rights management mechanism for each application.

The intelligent gateway is responsible for the adaptation between the underlying business system and the urban node. In addition to providing application identity authentication, operation authentication and access management, it also provides a universal and easy-to-learn gateway interface standard, making the complexity of the service network external. The business system is hidden, helping the business system under the chain to use the service network simply and efficiently.

The pre-made chain code mechanism enables traditional business system developers to access the service network using only their familiar programming languages ​​and operating environments without the blockchain developers and without the blockchain programming language. Blockchain data processing enables the traditional business system to have blockchain functionality.

Based on the above architecture, the blockchain network service can save blockchain application deployment and operation and maintenance costs, lower the blockchain application development threshold, improve the user's convenience in participating in the blockchain application, provide flexible access methods, and have fast The advantages of networking mechanisms.

It is expected to become a global infrastructure network controlled by China.

The white paper mentions that with the strong support of 31 provincial companies in China Mobile, the service network has established forty public city nodes in various provinces across the country. It is expected that when the service network is officially opened, the number of city nodes will reach one hundred or so . At the same time, operators from Southeast Asia and Europe, as well as cloud resource operators, are also negotiating and planning to deploy urban nodes locally.

The service network optimizes the underlying technology of the blockchain to a certain extent, establishes a new blockchain data transmission standard, and has the characteristics of low cost, fast expansion, and easy management, which provides the basis for its rapid deployment in the world. The characteristics of the blockchain technology and service network will significantly improve the management and collaboration efficiency of cross-border collaboration, cross-border trade, financial services, project management and transportation logistics, including the “Belt and Road”. As the service network gradually emerges in countries around the world, it will become the only global infrastructure network that is independently innovated by China and controlled by China.

At the same time, the National Information Center Smart City Development Research Center, China Mobile Communications Group Design Institute Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., the government and enterprise customer branch, China UnionPay Co., Ltd., China Mobile Financial Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Red Date Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Six units of the national institutions, communications industry, financial industry, and software industry jointly initiated the establishment of a blockchain service network development alliance, responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of the blockchain service network. Next, the Development Alliance will invite more organizations with the same philosophy and experience in technology accumulation and operations to join.

The full version of the white paper:

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