“High-yield” and “unsecured”? The rivers and lakes behind the digital currency derivative industry chain

Investing in Bitcoin, the distance between appreciation and plunging is often in the first line. In the past “11” holiday, Bitcoin once again ushered in a “roller coaster” market. On the OKEx platform, on October 7, Bitcoin prices once again "diving", fell below the $8,000 mark, hitting a minimum of $778.27, which was only about 10 days before the recent plunge. Beijing Business Daily reporter recently found in the survey that under the circumstance of digital currency volatility, some super-hard-core mining communities and blockchain service platforms with “high-yield” and “unsecured” are also emerging, although these figures The “sucking gold”, “stable and not paying”, “borrowing” and “financial management” models launched by the currency-derived industrial chain have earned the eye of investors, but in the eyes of analysts, such platforms are difficult to see and difficult to understand. They are often hidden scams. For investors, the biggest risk is the risk that the investment funds cannot be recovered.

Known as high-yield mining project

At a time when digital currency prices have been hit hard, hard-core mining machines are active in major trading groups. "Unsecured, daily income 70-80 yuan, 0 risk, free mining for two and a half years, join the super community, do not need to buy a mining machine, you can tap your own bitcoin without running your own business." There are many promoters in Mining projects are recommended in the trading group.

Beijing Business Daily reporters have seen in many super hard disk communities that there are many “new wave” projects recommended in these super community project libraries. According to the income of October 7, from the perspective of the currency, for example, Burst's current currency price is 0.027 yuan, mining can get 0.52 coins a day, and the income obtained is 0.014 yuan. The user does not need to pay the cost, no mortgage. . CVNT current currency price is 0.119 yuan, mining can get 27 coins a day, the income can reach 3.21 yuan, but users need to mortgage 1 hard disk currency. According to a promoter, as long as the collocation is reasonable, the daily income of 100 yuan or more is no problem, and other people are recommended to mine and have additional cash back.

Another promoter said that his current hard disk currency only needs to be registered to give "597 US dollars computing power", no need to buy a mining machine, the platform provides mines, mining machines, power resources and machines for mining users. Operation and maintenance. In the basic half year, users can dig up 3.9 bitcoins. According to the current bitcoin price of 75,000-80,000 yuan, it is not a problem to get 300,000 yuan.

At the cusp of the digital currency price "roller coaster", these super-community models of "sucking gold" and "stable earning without paying" have earned the eye of investors. Is this a scam or an investment opportunity? In the view of senior blockchain expert He Nanye, overall, the possibility of super community and hard disk mining projects being a scam is far greater than the possibility of investment opportunities. Most of these super communities and mining projects are closed. The developers can set their own currency, mining methods and trading control panels. It is essentially a closed system and does not have the value of widespread commercial promotion. The mainstream digital currency system agrees, and developers can control the trading surface. Investors must be cautious in participating in such projects. Such projects are widely found in the digital currency system. Various types of currencies and various types of mining methods have emerged in recent years. They are difficult to see and difficult to understand, and are often hidden scams.

Put on the loan platform compliance and lead to controversy

In addition to the super mining community, another platform called “HelloToken” + real + Kol+ asset management wallet also attracted the attention of Beijing Business Daily reporters. The reporter learned that the platform is designed to provide users with an entrance. The one-stop blockchain asset management service platform mainly leads users to discover trading opportunities through the teaching + consultant mode.

After investigation, it was found that the platform can only be accessed through the addition of the invitation code, and is currently mainly used as a circulation platform. According to the customer service staff of the platform, the platform will continue to exchange mainstream coins from time to time, and will also go online for loans and wealth management activities.

According to the platform's official website information, mortgage lending is a pledge loan service launched by Hello Token for digital currency. The borrower obtains the loan by pledgeing the blockchain assets it holds, and the daily interest rate is 0.01%-0.1%. The interest rate is 3.65%-36.5%, and the currencies supporting the pledge are USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP and other currencies. Digital currency borrowers can mortgage digital currency on the platform and borrow legal currency or other digital currency from other users of the platform to pay interest and service fees upon expiration. Digital currency lenders can invest in the target of the platform to earn interest.

Is the “loan” product on the blockchain service platform compliant? According to Wang Hongying, dean of the China (Hong Kong) Financial Derivatives Investment Research Institute, according to the legal provisions of relevant financial supervision in our country, the so-called fixed income lending model is obviously illegal and should be supervised by relevant departments. . Secondly, central banks are paying more and more attention to the construction of digital currency system. In the future, the digital currency platform endorsed by national credit will replace the private digital currency market, which is definitely a mainstream development trend. In this context, the entire civil digital currency market still has great instability.

"For on-line lending products, it should be registered by the regulatory authorities, and the funds should be deposited in a third-party bank. For financial management activities, the corresponding financial license should be obtained, so that it can be regarded as compliance." He Nanye stressed that "such platforms are in Without the approval and approval of the regulatory authorities, it is obviously not compliant to go online. For investors, the biggest risk is the risk that the investment funds cannot be recovered."

In response to the compliance risks of on-line “borrowing” and “financial management” projects, Cai Hao, CEO of HelloToken platform, responded to the Beijing Business Daily reporter. “HelloToken is actively obtaining legal financial licenses from various countries and cooperating with relevant national laws and regulations. About HelloToken is going online. For currency borrowing, we only provide lending services between digital currencies, and do not involve legal currency business. There is no illegal fund raising problem. The nature of currency borrowing is pledge borrowing, and the pledge rate is much greater than the volatility of digital currency. There is a certain guarantee."

Cai Wei further said that the current regulatory layer is still vague, so it has not started business. The specific launch time of currency lending depends on the attitude of the regulatory authorities on currency lending, or the acquisition of a compliant financial license, which is carried out in a legal area.

Urgent to introduce legislative standards

Obviously, the regulation of digital currency still has a long way to go. Senior financial analyst Xiao Lei believes that for the entire market, the issuance of digital currency may bring certain existing non-sovereign digital currency. Impact, which will disperse some of the demand, the entire market may be subject to the risk of revaluation. Once the digital currency is issued, the RMB is bound to flow to the international market. The existing banknote operating system will encounter challenges and new management ideas will be needed.

"The difficulty of the main supervision is that regional supervision is currently very difficult to implement. For example, these platforms run on domestic assets, and the servers are abroad. The current supervision in China can only be attacked from the asset side or from the market level. It is difficult to destroy these illegal platforms from the roots. There are no clear legislations in many countries including digital currencies including the United States. There is no relevant legislative standards, which brings a lot of inoperability to the implementation level of market supervision. "Wang Hongying said."

Beijing Business Daily reporter Yue Pinyu Song Yitong

Article from: Beijing Business Daily

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