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The development of emerging fields is often accompanied by barbaric growth, as is the blockchain. Since the birth of Bitcoin, the blockchain has witnessed too many bubbles, especially in 2019, while other blockchain projects have rarely recovered. So, what is the bottleneck in the development of the blockchain? DeFi, PoS's staking, Web 3.0, etc. Which direction will be the next milestone in the blockchain journey?

As the observer of the long-term value of the blockchain, ChainNews co-sponsored the Proof of VALUE 2019 summit with The Blockchainer, inviting many frontline practitioners to explore the true value of the blockchain. Through the global blockchain summit of the “Value Consensus Conference”, we will build a platform for the comprehensive integration of China's blockchain industry and the global blockchain ecosystem, and jointly discover the true value of the blockchain and jointly contribute to the upcoming value Internet. The times create value.


Glowing heat and capturing value, Proof of VALUE 2019 The Value Consensus Conference will be held in Shanghai from December 6th to 7th, 2019 (Friday, Saturday). Many frontline practitioners of blockchain will discuss around 8 topics: Blockchain technology, open finance, DAO, Staking, development: communities, markets: opportunities and strategies, insights: research and analysis, 2020, foreseeing the future. The PoV Conference has now fully opened three official ticketing channels: Event Line, Eventbrite, Eventdove, and tickets for early bird tickets before October 15th.

Proof of VALUE 2019 official website:

The official ticketing channel for the event has been opened, and the early bird ticket discount before October 15th:

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PoV highlights

Focus on industry head projects, ecology and investment institutions, invite global industry executives, opinion leaders, experts and scholars to focus on core issues: decentralized finance, blockchain security and privacy, Sino-US blockchain market, district Blockchain technology frontiers and applications, blockchain ecological investment.

PoV Conference Agenda


Eight core issues of the PoV conference

Many blockchain practitioners will focus on eight major issues: blockchain technology, open finance, DAO, Staking, development: communities, markets: opportunities and strategies, insights: research and analysis, and 2020, foreseeing the future.

PoV attending guests

The confirmed guests as of September 28th include: Lasse Clausen, founder of early encryption digital fund 1kx, Chris McCann, general partner of venture capital fund Proof of Capital, Matthew Spoke, founder of enterprise multi-chain agreement Aion, distributed based on digital assets Lv Xujun, founder and CEO of financial infrastructure Wanchain, Matan Field, DAOstack CEO of Ethereum Decentralization, and Jamie Burke, founder and CEO of blockchain investment firm Outlier Ventures.

  • Lasse Clausen, founder of the early encryption digital fund 1kx

Lasse Clausen is a technically-born entrepreneur and a founding partner of 1kx . 1kx is an early token fund whose theory is to infer that Bitcoin's success embeds cryptographic economic incentives into everything, including trading, computing, storage, and forecasting.

  • Matthew Spoke, founder of Aion , an enterprise-level multi-chain protocol

Project founder Matthew Spoke has been focusing on the blockchain for more than 4 years, and is a founding board member of the Ethereum Business Alliance, a consultant to the Ontario Securities Commission and the Treasury. Aion provides developers with a public-chain network that supports building product-level Java applications.

  • Chris McCann, General Partner, Venture Capital Fund Proof of Capital

Chris McCann, general partner of venture capital fund Proof of Capital, previously launched and led a community initiative at San Francisco venture capital firm Greylock Partners, which manages $3.5 billion in funding and is also an investor in Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox and Coinbase. He is an early investor in companies such as Binance, FTX and Solana.

  • Distributed asset infrastructure based on digital assets Wanchain CEO Lu Xujun

Lu Xujun, founder and CEO of Wanwei Chain , is also the co-founder and chief technology officer of the notarized Fatom, graduated from Peking University, Ohio State University, majoring in economics, computer science, MBA, etc., with more than 20 years of internet and software development. And management experience. There are many entrepreneurial experiences in the US, China and Europe. Wanchain focuses on the underlying research and development of blockchain cross-chain technology + privacy protection + smart contracts.

  • Eafangfang Decentralized Organization Project DAOstack CEO Matan Field

Matan Field is co-founder and CEO of DAOstack . He is a theoretical physicist who studies basic physics and string theory. During his post-doctoral research at Technion, he discovered the blockchain and established La'Zooz's decentralized real-time ride sharing network, and participated in the creation of Backfeed to lay the foundation for decentralized governance. DAOstack builds on the Backfeed vision and concepts and extends to a common governance framework, including the application/interface layer.

  • Blockchain Investment Agency Outlier Ventures Founder & CEO Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke is the founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures . He has invested in blockchain startups since 2014, established Europe's first venture capital fund focused on Web 3.0, and has a growing portfolio of startups, while creating, the world's largest professional investor. The internet. After communicating with more than 1,200 blockchain startups, he has developed high growth opportunities and clear arguments about the industry.

PoV conference contact  

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Business cooperation: [email protected]

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