Beijing Haidian District uses the “blockchain” to handle real estate registration and transfer

Beijing News reporter Deng Qi Jiang Huizhen Chen Lin

Source: Beijing News

Beijing's optimized business environment version 3.0 reform policy was introduced. Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter visited Haidian District, Fengtai District and Fangshan District to understand the optimization of the business environment.

It is understood that Haidian District gives full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation and relies on blockchain technology to take the lead in launching new measures for simultaneous registration of “real estate registration + electricity transfer”. Fengtai District promoted the enterprise change “online office, capacity shortage office, and commitment office”, and accepted the acceptance of the change of address of the enterprise in Fengtai District. Fangshan District has passed the E-window platform to realize “one network, one report, one link, one day”.

New Beijing News This year, Haidian District launched the unified government service service “Haidiantong”. “Haidiantong” will provide more than 1600 items covering the district level and street level for enterprises and individuals online. In addition, Haidian District fully utilized the advantages of scientific and technological innovation and relied on blockchain technology to take the lead in launching a new initiative for simultaneous registration of “real estate registration + electricity transfer”.

"blockchain +" blessing multi-issue simultaneous processing

Different from other government service platforms, “Haidiantong” innovative application of blockchain technology has taken the lead in realizing the registration of real estate registration in the city, including four real estate services such as the change of natural person name and the cancellation of registration of mortgage rights. Among them, the second-hand housing transaction service is shared with the 9 types of data of 7 municipal departments, and the relevant licenses no longer need to be presented by the user, which can greatly reduce the processing time. At the same time, the link to the electricity transfer service is convenient for the one-time house transaction and the one-time settlement of the electricity transfer.

Haidian District has selected real estate registration and electricity transfer related to people's livelihood as an application scenario, and integrates various examination and approval procedures to enable citizens and enterprises to handle the registration of real estate, which can save electricity and time.

Based on the blockchain technology, when applying for real estate registration, the online and foreign applicants only need to carry mobile phones and ID cards to complete the various approvals of the transaction link; the offline application applicants only need to read the identity card information, The authorized blockchain material forensic system provides witness certification services for window personnel, assists window personnel to verify the authenticity of materials, improves window review efficiency, and reduces performance risk. The window verification time is reduced from 15 minutes to 2 minutes.

After the completion of the real estate registration, the system automatically triggers the seller to initiate a power transfer application. The buyer agrees and authorizes the use of the property rights data and ID data on the blockchain. The system automatically generates the QR code and saves the process. The window personnel's on-site paper verification procedure, the window personnel can scan the two-dimensional code to apply for approval for power transfer, and the use of the transfer and real estate registration is realized in less than 5 minutes.

Launch of information assurance services

It is reported that “Haidiantong” has launched an information forensic service to achieve data sharing with national and municipal data. The working people can obtain information about their own situation from the chain at any time. At present, the data has been docked, including ID card, residence booklet, residence permit, marriage certificate, divorce certificate and other types of personal licenses and electronic business licenses, tax credit rating information, environmental environmental assessment information, medical institutions licensing, housing qualification information, etc. Legal person license information.

The data being docked is 18 types of information such as the higher education information of the Ministry of Education and the subsidy of the Civil Affairs Bureau. With the sharing of these data, it will provide strong support for the realization of the free submission of materials for enterprises and individuals.

In addition, “Haidiantong” has set up online consultation, government map, service guide, work schedule, convenience service, sweeping and other functions, so that users can clearly define “can do” and “where to do” on the mobile phone. do".

Among them, the online consultation function has opened 852 service items for 58 seats in 38 commission offices, and provides in-depth online consultation services for enterprises and the public in the form of “public consultation + agent answer + after-the-fact return visit”. The government map not only covers the district-level government affairs centers, 29 street town government affairs centers, but also all the enterprise park service stations and community service station information, which can guide the people to do near the office and run less errands.

All matters handled during the year "run at most once"

In addition to the launch of the “Haidiantong” APP, Haidian District is also working hard to deepen the “one network through” work in data sharing and smart approval. The current “one window through” system covers 878 items of 42 committees. There were 106 items in the towns and towns, and the number of cases handled reached 45,956 and 60,645 respectively.

It is expected that at the end of this year, on the basis of 100% pre-trial of district-level matters, Haidian District will promote the actual handling on the Internet, and realize “all at most one time” for all matters.

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