I'm working on the blockchain this month, and witnessed from the air vent to the "muzzle"

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A month ago, on the night of October 25, Liu Shuaigang just got off the plane and turned on his mobile phone to find that the information was blown up. "What is a blockchain?", "Congratulations to stand on the wind" … Friends have sent the central government to "speed up blockchain technology and industrial innovation Development "news link. Immediately afterwards, the investors who had been lying quietly in the friends list for a long time seemed to be resurrected and asked Liu Shuai's blockchain project progress. The previous bank account manager also sent a message that was straightforward: "General Manager Liu, can you introduce some blockchain enterprise resources. We can provide them with loan support."

Just the day before, Liu Shuai was still talking to investors about whether the company should be transformed, and his speech was exhausted and bitter. But I did not expect that the next day, I seemed to be standing on the cusp of the wind, standing alongside the tide of the times.

"The first thing a regular army enters the mountain is a bandit." Someone splashed cold water, but it was a tad.


FOMO spread fears "missing cars"

All practitioners and speculators are holding hands on the machine and are following this news development.

On the evening of the same day, "going to" Shanghai to work hard. Two graduates of Snail House in the rented house completely determined to enter the blockchain industry again. They just left from a closed blockchain company. "This may not be the most ideal industry, but this may be an opportunity that can change your destiny and have the lowest threshold." Wang Shunshun, born in 1995, said.

On the evening of the 25th, the United States far off the Pacific Ocean. Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano screamed that the United States must accept technologies including Bitcoin or we will be left behind.

"FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)" sentiment continued to spread, and reason disappeared at this moment.

On the evening of October 25, due to the favorable stimulus from Chinese policies, Bitcoin quickly rose, rising by more than 40%, and once broke through the $ 10,000 mark; US stocks doubled overnight, and multiple blockchain concept stocks flew together. . The next day, the domestic public chain suddenly developed its strength, rising by more than 100% from the original chain. Others, such as NEO, ontology, VeChain, and wave field, all had varying degrees of increase.

The uproar abroad has instantly sparked a big discussion on China's public chain. Liu Shuai joked: "In the past, a few foreigners in the team were embarrassed to say that their project was international. Today, no Chinese in the white paper are embarrassed to say that they are doing blockchain."

Industry insiders, including Liu Shuai, are convinced: "This time, the cow may really be here!".

This weekend, Interactive Easy also “exploded”. A-share investors went forward and asked whether the listed company has a blockchain business layout.

On October 28, the expected daily limit came as expected, and the blockchain sector in the A-share market topped the list. According to statistics from the China Securities Journal, the market had a daily limit of 155 stocks, and the blockchain concept stocks were strongly seated at 129 seats. Investors who have already crowded these "fast trains" naturally cheered, and more shareholders who did not get on the trains wanted to discover "new cars."

According to PANews query statistics, since October 25, the number of questions on the "blockchain" on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange's official Q & A platforms "Interaction Easy" and "Shanghai e Interaction" has soared 10 times. And in the questions from shareholders, all companies that want to own stocks actively develop blockchain business or cooperate with blockchain-related companies.


Wind up assembly number

As soon as the central policy came out, local governments gathered to respond.

Government units in Beijing, Guangdong, Yunnan and other places took the lead in responding to the call and released relevant support policies for the blockchain industry on October 28. Kunming Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Yunnan Province issued "Several Policies to Support the Development of the Digital Economy (Trial)", which provided a maximum subsidy of 10 million yuan for the development of blockchain-related application scenarios; Huangpu District of Guangzhou issued the Huangpu Blockchain Policy 2.0 Implementation rules, the establishment of a blockchain industry fund of up to 1 billion yuan; Beijing Zhongguancun Management Committee announced the list of subsidies for R & D expenses of small and micro technology companies. PANews found that the companies that have issued coins, XAS, European Chain (OCT) and digital currency exchange service provider chain technology, are also on the list of subsidies.

"We are ready to register the company to Huangpu District." A commercial leader of a Guangzhou blockchain company told PANews, according to him, a well-known Beijing-based blockchain technology company in the industry established a branch in Huangpu District. Can get three million subsidies.

Someone joked that those companies relying on chips to cheat subsidies have changed their materials into blockchains. As a result, a large number of intermediary agencies came into being.

At the same time, the status of more chain companies is-a large number of project requirements, which are overwhelming.

"I just participated in a blockchain application discussion of a large central bank this morning." Lu Yang, CEO of VeChain Technology, said in an interview with PANews, "Recently, there has been more consultation, and business colleagues are already working under high load. "

This winding upsurge is a bit fierce. "Recently come to our large state-owned enterprises, there are many traditional enterprises, especially large enterprises have a lot of pain points in the supply chain. We are going to invest in a technical team to provide blockchain technology services for large enterprises." This investment agency partnership People lamented to PANews that the spring of blockchain technology outsourcing is here.


National learning tide

"What is the blockchain?" Becoming a hot search of the entire network will definitely require the help of state-owned enterprises and government staff, and the entire staff began the learning boom of the blockchain. A department of SAIC's company requires employees to learn blockchain knowledge and needs to make a PPT report. At the 13th Mayor's Learning Conference held by the Shanghai Xuhui District Government, Director Ma Xiaofeng of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Research Center was invited to introduce the current status of the blockchain and analyze typical application cases and development directions of the blockchain.

Headed by the Central Propaganda Department, enterprises and institutions use the "Learning Power" platform, a daily platform for learning party and state knowledge, and launched a total of 25 episodes of blockchain learning courses on October 26. At the same time, the Communist Party of China News Network · People's Party Jianyun combined party building with blockchain technology to create an "initiative" application on the chain, allowing the majority of party members and cadres to retain their original intention, verify their original intention, and keep their original intention … …

At the same time, mainstream media has also begun a knowledge-based science popularization model. The overseas version of People's Daily published a topic article entitled "Mainstream Economic Fusion, Blockchain" Chain "Towards the Future"; CCTV also released "Blockchain" What can I do? ”Video, said in the video that blockchain is a financial solution, and also put forward the view of“ who masters blockchain technology, who masters wealth ”; Xinhua Daily even directly published“ Bitcoin: Blockchain Technology First "Successful Applications" feature article, detailed introduction to Bitcoin.

The vigorous promotion of the media and the government has opened the door to Sina Weibo, which once restricted the promotion of the blockchain. Some Weibo netizens have disclosed that the new rules of Sina Weibo promotion show that the blockchain information service business has been opened for review, but it needs to be reviewed. Promote the relevant parties to provide blockchain services for the record. At the same time, illegal contents such as blockchain investment and virtual currency transactions must not be promoted.

From the height of the temple to the distance of the rivers and lakes, the blockchain has become the darling of the market and the new joy of capital.


Strikes from supervision

On October 25, it was like a sluice. Before this day, the blockchain industry was sensitive and fragile, and every practitioner was burdened with questions, misunderstandings, and even ridicule. After this day, the "stigmatization" of the blockchain was finally cleansed, and people who stood and waited outside the crowd swarmed in.

Listed companies in the A-share market that are attempting to become “hot spots” have been frequently inquired by the stock exchange. PANews has found that as of November 14, as many as 11 companies have received a letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange regarding blockchain business. , Mainly aimed at the blockchain business model, profit model, and application scenario business progress of the companies involved.

The heat of technology continues. But what surprised practitioners, including Liu Shuai, was that regulation suddenly struck. Of course, it is more accurate to say that the regulatory ban has always been here. Recently, unscrupulous issuers, sharpened exchanges and highly gambling speculators, especially in the name of the Central Bank Digital Currency (DCEP) The currency scam has attracted regulatory attention.

Clear the source, clear the industry, and start the net collection operation.

The People's Daily swiftly published the article "Preventing the use of blockchain to issue virtual currencies to speculate on air currency." The article clearly stated that blockchain technology innovation is not the same as speculating on virtual currencies. It is necessary to prevent the use of blockchain to issue virtual currencies and speculate on air currency. The behavioral perspective sounded a "warning bell" for the currency circle.

On November 19th, the focus interview of the CCTV program went straight to the hot-word blockchain and broadcast the short video of "Investigating Blockchain Scams: Chaos is Worrying", and even took stocks of zero coins or air coins in the market. There are 755 types and 102 types of MLM coins, which warns people to stay away from speculation and fraud.

On October 30, the management of the BISS exchange, which mainly focused on "currency trading" and "membership", was suddenly taken away by the police for investigation. The reason for the investigation was suspected of fraud and money laundering. On November 11, the Securities Times fought hard. The article " Biki Exchange clamored for 100% wealth gain on Double 11 and besieged investors with the project. "It blamed Biki Exchange for launching" Aircoin "and" Pulling People ", exposing its focus on sinking the market, forging traffic, and harvesting users; shortly thereafter The Matcha Exchange was also exposed by Caijing.com and pointed out that it "has a large number of online MLM coins" and "the boss Chen Jian tried to hide".

On November 13, the exchange's Binance Sina Weibo account was banned, and the Tron project official blog was also banned from access. On the same day, the Dongguan Financial Work Bureau issued a notice on "Precautions against Risks of Illegal Fund Raising in the Name of" Virtual Currency "and" Blockchain "". The sword pointed to the sensitive and abnormal digital currency market.

Immediately after, the reorganization of virtual currency-related activities in the jurisdiction opened in Shanghai made the currency circle more frightened. PANews understands that many exchanges in Shanghai have employees working from home. Many small and medium-sized exchanges have already run on the exchanges, and the exchanges have announced restrictions on withdrawals.

The affiliated office of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission also sent letters to the provincial and municipal offices to remind them to prevent the risk of illegal fund-raising in the name of "blockchain". Based on the concept of "playing early and playing small", we will strengthen the monitoring and early warning of illegal fund raising risks such as "coin speculation" and "chain speculation." Once it is found that it is related to Africa, it should be dealt with promptly and decisively. At the same time, the reporting website is also open, and rewards will be given to qualified reporters.


FUD emotional rages

Not only the currency circle, but the mining circle that once felt comfortable because the Bitcoin mining industry was removed from the "to-be-eliminated industries" directory also encountered Waterloo. Also on November 13, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology Department initiated The “big data industry” is a key focus of investigation and cleanup of virtual currency “mining” companies that enjoy preferential policies in terms of local electricity prices, land, and taxes.

"Although the mine machines are still running, they have paid more attention to the policy." Xu Wenjie told PANews, the veteran Bitcoin miner who has entered the mining field since 2016, with thousands of ants S9 running on his account. Mining machines, in the view of Xu Wenjie, China has become increasingly unsuitable for mining. As early as a year ago, he began to plan to move mining machines to energy countries such as Iceland and Kyrgyzstan. The government communicated, but was worried about the large amount of loss during the transportation of the mining machine, so he has not implemented this "mining migration", and now he seems a little bit regretful.

On November 21, the Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision Bureau issued an announcement saying that it had exhausted 39 enterprises suspected of illegal virtual currency activities.

At this time, the price of bitcoin has already plummeted, and it has been falling to $ 7,000, returning to the price of half a year ago. Even if Jia Nan Yunzhi, known as the "first block chain," rang the Nasdaq bell, he failed to become a counterattack.

The next day, more bad news continued to strike, beating the hearts of people in the circle like Liu Shuai. FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) is filled with emotions.

"The Central Bank's Shanghai Headquarters: Strengthening Supervision and Prevention and Combatting Virtual Currency Trading"

"Xinhua News Agency: Resolutely crack down on" blocking evil roads "and guide blockchain applications to" open the door "

"Beijing severely cracks down on virtual currency transactions and continues to maintain a high pressure of supervision"

"Near the people of the National Mutual Funds Remediation Office: The next step is to establish a long-term mechanism to prevent recurrence."

"" Blockchain + Finance "Development Thoughts Determined: Open the Main Door and Block the Evil Road"

"Strong punches are still combined punches." Liu Shuai was obviously extremely worried about the status quo of the industry. Now he has slowed down and said with emotion: "The regular army entered the mountain and really had to kill the bandits."

On the one hand, the blockchain project and the price of the currency have not improved, and they are struggling. On the other hand, the country has severely cracked down on cryptocurrencies. Just after taking off the stigma of "clothes", Liu Shuai were once again "lost in identity."

(Interviewees request that Liu Shuai and Wang Shunshun are pseudonyms)

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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