Jinan City officially launches "Blockchain + invalid resident ID card verification and valid resident ID card information application service" system

Reporter: Yang Tian Yao Tiankun

Source: World Spring City

On January 15, the Public Security Bureau of Jinan City held a launch conference on "Blockchain + invalid resident ID card verification and valid resident ID card information application service". Responsible comrades from Jinan Public Security Bureau, Jinan Big Data Bureau, Jinan Industry and Information Bureau, and Inspur Group attended the press conference and delivered speeches.

Resident ID card is the legal ID for Chinese citizens to participate in social activities. In order to prevent invalid ID cards from being used illegally and to better protect citizens' legitimate rights and interests, the population management detachment of the Jinan Public Security Bureau, in conjunction with Inspur Love City, has developed Invalid Resident Identity Card Verification and Effective Resident Identity Card Information Application Service "system, tailor-made Internet personal identity information services for residents of Jinan City.

The system includes two applications, "Invalid ID Verification" and "Valid Resident Identity Card Information".

Any citizen who has an Hukou account in Jinan and has a certificate in Jinan can log in to the Aicheng.com app and use the "brush face" authentication for verification and use .

Among them, "Invalid ID Verification" can query the valid status of the citizen ID card; "Valid Resident ID Information" can be used to "load" the citizen ID card into the mobile phone and scan the code at any time. At present, the Jinan City Library, China Living Real Estate and other units have officially applied the service.

In the next step, the entire municipal service hall, street community, thermal power company, and water company will continue to expand their applications, proving that "I am me" will be more convenient and efficient.

In the early stage, in order to better cooperate with the permitting unit to check the resident identity card, the Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau has developed an invalid resident ID card information verification system and deployed it on the municipal affairs network. Use of ID as an aid.

At present, the verification system is limited to the second-generation resident identity card that Jinan's registered population has applied for in this city. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, information on invalid resident ID cards includes information on lost stolen ID cards, expiration of valid ID cards, and replacement of new ID cards for other reasons. The "blockchain + invalid resident ID card verification and valid resident ID card information application service" system was developed on the basis of the invalid resident ID card information verification system, which is not only provided to the unit, but also allows residents to themselves. Know whether the ID card information is invalid, so as to avoid the trouble of using the invalid ID card for business.

The "blockchain + invalid resident identity card verification and valid resident identity card information application service" system is an extension of the traditional identity information verification method, facilitates the use of documents by the masses, and provides technical support for the identity verification unit to verify the identity information. It is a public security agency In-depth implementation of innovative measures to benefit the people through information, while upgrading the government's work model, it will further improve the government's administrative efficiency and service capabilities, and effectively improve citizens' sense of well-being and happiness.

The public security organs hereby remind that all certificate-using units in the society shall strictly implement the responsibility of verifying the identity of witnesses when handling their business, and shall promptly feed back the police station in the district or the corresponding district or county for problems such as fraudulent use of others or use of forged resident identity cards. Public security organs investigated. In order to avoid inconvenience in handling affairs, the general public is reminded not to use invalid resident ID cards. At the same time, in order to ensure the security of the use of resident identity cards, citizens are also urged to report to the public security police station if their documents are lost. Any lost or stolen resident identity cards should be submitted to the public security police station for loss recovery in a timely manner. To minimize the loss of stolen and stolen resident identity cards, the society is scattered and used by criminals.

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