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On November 8, 2019, the 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen was held at the Wuzhen Internet International Conference Center. At 2 pm on the 8th, "Babbit and TA's friends" arrived in Hall 3.

The "8 Questions" live version – the dialogue of the goddess, is the finale of the "Friends of Babbitt and TA" on the 8th. We invited Beep Coin, Xiaotong, Coco Global Client Account Manager Xiao Tong, Hashkey Hub Market Leader Molly, Block Chain Big Cousin IP's cousin himself, Camille, and Contractor CMO Butterfly. Since it is the live version of "8 Questions", the host is of course the role of the "8 questions" host Jia Xiaobei. First cover At the opening, the goddesses made a self-introduction and revealed the schedule of the two days in Wuzhen.

Among these goddesses, Molly is the first to enter. She entered the industry in 2016, when the price of Bitcoin was around 8,000 RMB, and it has been rising since then, rising to nearly 20,000 US dollars at the end of 2017! Too shocked!

Xiao Yan also feels that the wealth of this industry is growing very fast, and even some magical. In addition, she broke the news that "I may have broken an ear while writing science, which is quite memorable."

Xiaotong entered the industry in 2018. On October 25, 2019, the blockchain was emphasized during the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. This is a historic day for Xiaotong. On that day, her mother sent a text message to congratulate her, and her industry was recognized. When it comes to making it unforgettable, Xiaotong said that he was the first time to explode his futures. He shorted first. As a result, the BTC skyrocketed and the mobile phone had a burst when it was powered on.

The butterfly on the side said that she could testify. They had been eating together that day. Xiaotong said that there was something to go out in the middle. In fact, she secretly went out to look at the position. When she returned to the dinner table, she looked particularly serious.

The butterfly is considered to be older than the original. She entered the bank in 2017 and bought the first currency. However, she felt that her true entry was that she joined the contract and became a practitioner in the blockchain industry.

Camille entered the industry on September 4, 2017. On that day, the government introduced a new policy. Many Chinese blockchain companies began to expand their overseas business. Some friends found Camille. Camille began to understand the industry and discovered the beauty of technology, and it really changed things, so he died in this way. The industry is over.

She said that her unforgettable experience was from April to August 2018. It was a period when the Mavericks gradually turned to the Big Bear. During that time, for the practitioners of the blockchain, the first one was a challenge from the inside. In addition, external pressure has brought a lot of trouble to practitioners.

The goddesses present, in addition to the value of the face, are also very clear about their positioning.

The big cousin hopes to make the IP of the big cousin of the blockchain better and better. Through this IP, the community will be promoted, and then the community will be extended to the direction of asset management. Not only will everyone learn knowledge, but also bring everyone to make money.

The butterfly said that the grand cousin's goal is ambitious, and his position is the industry's and the molecule, making a little contribution to the industry and making a little contribution. Do your job well.

Doing your job well is also the idea of ​​Xiaotong. She said that when she first entered the industry as a newcomer, a predecessor said something to her: no matter what you do, you must do it to the extreme. Therefore, she hopes to achieve the ultimate in the current work.

Xiao Yan is now starting his own business, hoping to weaken the individual and highlight the product.

Molly told me that when she was a child, she read a book written by Steven Levy, which wrote a lot of stories about cryptography and attracted her. So in addition to my own work, I will do some science about cryptography.

There are two goddesses on the stage as entrepreneurs. I asked them whether women's entrepreneurship will be easily influenced by pressure and secular ideas.

Xiaoxuan replied: "The family will remind, but they know that my character is like this, so I don't dare to remind me, so I will hang out. So from the perspective of entrepreneurship, if I have a personal experience, I may I feel that I don't care so much about other people's opinions. The most important thing is to give me the product."

The butterfly said that he is a very optimistic person, and he will have a good self-reliance method for stress. She doesn't have much opinion about the family, and she broke the news, "My child already has it. I have three children for me. Now I want to do this better. The two co-founders of our contract emperor, Peanuts and apes are both programmers, or they are more Buddhist and simple, and they are all interested in doing contractual empires, so it is too stressful for me." IMG_0754 As a female practitioner in the blockchain industry, what do they most want to apply to the application of the blockchain?

Xiao Yan: It may be two aspects. One is the payment aspect. Cross-border payment I think is very easy to understand from the perspective of girls. For example, if you want to buy a lot of skin care products across borders, if you can directly transfer the value, it will be much faster. On the other hand, from the perspective of credit reporting, this is also the way to land faster. If no one has made the cross-border piece after 5 years, I will do it myself.

Xiaotong: I will simply think about it from two aspects. The first girl will prefer to buy bags and skin care products, and often go to those who have beauty. I think those things need to be anti-counterfeiting and traceable. This is the first point.

The second point is information, much like the network disk. It is centralized, but it is not so safe. Therefore, I hope that the blockchain can achieve true protection for our data and privacy.

Butterfly: Many women are beautiful, go to the beauty salon, and do some fitness cards. The membership mechanism of the card is not necessarily completely transparent and open. I think that you can use the blockchain technology to record some of your consumption records, as well as some balances, and some times, through the blockchain. It is transparent and cannot be tampered with. This should be a very worthwhile thing to do.

Grand Cousin: I have a more practical idea. When I see the kittens and puppies, I will donate money to them and donate them to some shelters. But I didn't know how the money was spent. In the same way, if applied to our charity, the blockchain will have a lot of room for development. Each of our donations can be traced back to how it is spent and where it is spent. We have learned before that the money has been made a charity. They have donated this girl's bathroom to Uganda. In fact, blockchain and charity should be able to be combined. This is a very good thing.

So, what kind of hope do they have for the blockchain industry?

Big cousin: I hope that the blockchain industry can develop steadily. Whether it is a sharp rise or fall, the loss to the industry is very large, so I hope to be steady and stable.

Butterfly: I basically have the same view as the big cousin, steady and healthy development.

Xiaotong: I am rushing hard.

Xiao Yan: The words of the industry are sometimes too impetuous, and then this is not an attitude that the person should have, so whether it is entrepreneurship or investment. I hope that I can have a more stable mentality. Just like everyone else, I want to do such a thing, and then I hope that I can become part of the whole ecology.

Molly: I hope that the whole industry will not put the cart before the horse. The technology comes out to solve some pain points.

Finally, I asked them a question: what is their mate selection criteria?

Molly is simple and straightforward: it looks good, it looks good.

Xiao Yan: It may still be a feeling. You have to have a bright spot. Let me think that you seem to be better than me at this point, then you can.

Xiaotong: I like to be smart and awkward. It is quite simple.

Butterfly: Fun is the most important thing. I don't particularly value the value.

Grand Cousin: I am similar to Xiaotong’s mate selection criteria. I should not have much requirements on the value of the face. If boys are very smart, they should involuntarily exude a charming atmosphere. IMG_9793 "8 questions", do not install, and enter the blockchain together with Xiao Bie.

In the abstract blockchain world, I will use a professional perspective and a relaxed tone to talk to the industry's first-line characters and bring you closer to the blockchain.

"8 Questions" is the first block block character interview column produced by Babbitt. Up to now, Babbitt's official website has read 850W+, and the whole network has attracted more than 1000W.

Since its establishment two years ago, Xiaobi has interviewed more than 70 heavyweight guests such as Vitalilk Buterin, Liu Cixin, Shenyu, Gavin Wood, Cai Weide, Bai Shuo, Wu Shichun and Chen Weixing.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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