Interpretation of How to Earn Profits with PENDLE

Making Profits with PENDLE

PENDLE has reached a new high in recent years despite the market trend. Cryptocurrency KOLViNc245 explains how to earn profits with PENDLE: lock vePENDLE; stake Pendle or mPendle; provide PENDLE/WETH Pendle triple pool LP.

Lock vePENDLE: Lock PENDLE (up to 2 years) to exchange for vePENDLE. The longer the lock-up period, the higher the vePENDLE points received, and monthly profits are distributed in ETH. Only available on the mainnet. vePENDLE’s profit sources/empowerment include: 3% of YT’s interest income; pool voting: get 80% of the swap fee of the voted pool; pool voting: control and guide the APR of each LP pool and also receive bribe profits in the future; APR multiplier for all LP deposits.

Convert to ePendle or mPendle and stake on Equilibriafi or Penpiexyz: Equilibria and Penpie are Pendle ecosystem protocols under PENDLEWars that offer services to enhance liquidity lockup of Pendle and LP profits. PENDLE can be converted to ePendle or mPendle on both platforms, and staking these tokens can earn 20-30% APR, including PENDLE profit sharing and EQB/PNP protocol token rewards. When DEX liquidity pools for ePendle and mPendle are available in the future, there will also be opportunities to purchase PENDLE at discounted prices.

Provide liquidity to Camelot-PENDLE-ETH LP pool on Pendle: The foundation is Pendle’s main two-pool CamelotDEX PENDLE/$WETH, and then provide LP for the interest rate trading “three-pool” on Pendle. In simplified terms, it is the LP pool of PENDLE/WETH, which can be entered directly using PENDLE or ETH zap on the Pendle interface. This LP can earn: underlying LP transaction fees and GRAIL+PENDLE incentives; interest rate trading pool transaction fees; interest rate trading pool PENDLE incentives; interest rate trading pool fixed interest rate (PT) returns; simply put, mine more PENDLE. After adding LP, the receipt token can be taken to Penpie or Equilibria for further APR acceleration. Currently, the highest acceleration profit can reach an annualized rate of 40%.


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