Inventory of DAO trends that have received ARB airdrops: Balancer, Radiant, Stargate DAO……

DAO trends that have received ARB airdrops: Balancer, Radiant, Stargate DAO...

Castle Capital researchers unex, Amir Ormu, and Atomist analyzed the on-chain behavior of DAOs that received the Arbitrum airdrop. Currently, the majority of airdropped tokens remain idle within the projects, with only a few choosing to sell them. However, the funds are often used to stimulate growth, indirectly benefiting the entire Arbitrum ecosystem.

1) Balancer’s management initiated and approved a proposal to distribute 1 million ARB tokens as a reward for active liquidity providers and suggest deploying the remaining 2 million tokens to POL (protocol-owned liquidity); 2) Radiant has also approved a governance proposal (RFP-18) regarding the airdrop it received. According to the proposal, 40% will be allocated as an airdrop to new dLP lockup users for a period of 6-12 months, 30% to dLP lockup users on Arbitrum, and 30% as a strategic reserve for future DAO use; 3) Stargate DAO’s latest proposal on ARB tokens has also been approved, allowing the DAO to use 70% of the tokens for Arbitrum liquidity mining rewards and complete all STG releases. The remaining 30% will be allocated to partners to promote the development of the Arbitrum and Stargate ecosystems;

4) TreasureDAO’s management forum has also proposed an interesting proposal about ARB tokens, stating that 2 million ARB tokens will be used to reward contributing game builders, including The Beacon, Realm, Tales of Elleria, and Knights of the Ether game studios; 5) Dopex founder ztokchad previously stated on Discord that Dopex plans to split ARB tokens into dpxETH, incentives, and rewards for long-term holders. Currently, the protocol has used 300,000 ARB tokens for liquidity in option products; 6) PlutusDAO plans to use ARB in multiple ways, including for the team, bPLS rewards, plsARB airdrops, and providing deep liquidity for plsARB/ARB. In addition, Plutus stated that it will use 300,000 ARB to repurchase plsARB and distribute it to plsARB holders.

7) DForce plans to use ARB for POL and will deposit all airdrops into its own lending pool; 8) Beefy Finance distributed 1.3 million tokens as a reward and exchanged 100,000 ARB for USDC; 9) BattleFly sold 280,000 ARB; 10) Multichain used 167,000 ARB as a reward; 11) Impermax sent 100,000 ARB to an EOA and conducted LP on the platform; 12) 3xcalibur airdropped 10,000 tokens to LP and the remaining portion will be used for rewards and bribes.


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