Market Analysis: USDT issuance, BTC giant single

Beijing time on July 10 at 6:01 Tether re-issued 100 million USDT in Ethereum, which is the fourth time the company issued additional shares in the month, totaling 400 million USDT. It seems that since the USDT has only issued additional shares, I have never heard of the cancellation of the time. Of course, this is not a problem we should entangle. What we need to consider is the impact of such intensive issuance on the currency market. Everyone knows that the issuance is definitely beneficial to the long position. The question is how well the positive role is, and can it push the market to open a comprehensive general growth pattern? I personally think that it is possible to have this situation. According to our observation, some of the targets have already experienced a wave of heavy volume. At the moment of the sideways volatility, it may be accumulating more energy, and there may be a wave of market at any time.


Last night, the BTC suddenly suffered a sell-off, and the market turned from ups and downs. It is said that all the major players in the currency security transaction concentrated on selling 6,000 bitcoins. It is still unclear whether this is a case or a persistent sell-off, and it requires patience to observe. However, we have seen that this time the plate is not very deep, the entire structure of the head and shoulders has not been destroyed, the volume is lacking, there may be shocks here, there will be a clear direction choice after the shock, direction selection Need to increase the volume, breaking through 12,800 US dollars, this sell-off is seen as a dishwashing, can be bullish to 13,960 US dollars, if there is a big single sell-off again, at least reduce the position to deal with.

ETH ETH oscillated sideways, affected by yesterday's BTC sell-off. Yesterday, it received a heavy-duty Yinxian thread. It is still on the middle of the boll line. The moving average system has signs of re-arrangement, and the red column of the macd indicator. It also shows a shrinking state. There are signs of adhesion on the indicator line. The volume is lacking. Maintain the previous view. Next, you may oscillate and test the pressure level at 320 USD. Observe whether there is volume matching at this point. If the volume can exceed $320, the target will re-test the pressure of the high of $366.


In theory, the progress of Facebook's project is not smooth. The target is a good one. The two Yangxian lines in front of the XRP are also large enough to increase the volume. I personally think that it is a bottoming market now, to see who can hold it. . XRP yesterday closed a negative line, the volume is still not enlarged, indicating that the point is less selling, the wait-and-see mood is relatively strong, such volume can only follow the market's small fluctuations, personally think that as long as the triangle does not fall below the triangle Support, if you go up again, it may break through the upper position of the triangle to create a new high of rebound. Once this trend is out, the target will start to make up the market, and if it falls below 0.36, it will be invalid and clear.


BNB still maintains a sideways volatility, but yesterday's Yinxian seems to be very dangerous. There are signs of breaking the position. It does not rule out that the target will choose the direction downward. The target has always been an independent trend, and the current trading volume has shrunk to the nearest place. Quantity, next depends on which direction the main force has broken through. If it is upward, I personally think that it is still running along the channel line. The current trend shows that the probability of continuing to operate in the channel line is low, and it may be necessary to switch the track. Note that if it is a downward break, it may use Changyan to break the support of 30 US dollars. If it falls below 30 US dollars, the large-scale adjustment will start, pay attention to the risk.

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