May 10 madman market analysis: circle, a beautiful bubble, will break sooner or later~

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The bitcoin spread between b-net and many platforms is shrinking. The long-term and long-term futures of the futures are also picking up. There are more than N claims about the rise of Bitcoin. Some say that the United States has to admit its legal status to the Nasdaq. Some said that Bitumin wants to sell new mining machines to maintain the price of the currency. Some say that the money is stolen and stopped charging, so that the big players have nowhere to go. Some also say that the global war is chaotic, the risk aversion is improved, and there are mainstream coins. It has turned over several times, bitcoin has made up for the market, and so on. In short, the price of the currency has risen and said that the investor’s sentiment is even higher, and the bitcoin is rising, and it is getting closer and closer to the shock zone of 18 months in the past 18 years. The difficulty of this position is great, and it is very difficult. After nearly a year of escaping the chassis, from the recent divergence of funds, it is possible to bend the entire market with a straw, so the madman still does not recommend that everyone enter the game easily. If this wave is put on, you will at least feel uncomfortable. 3-6 months.

May 10 madman market analysis: circle, a beautiful bubble, will break sooner or later~

In the short-term, the daily line will continue to increase in volume along the 5-day line. If you don't pull out the daily line, you can continue to operate along the 5-day line in the short-term. Once the volume falls below, you should immediately clear the short-term position.


Today, once again, the heavy volume has risen, keeping up with the rhythm of Bitcoin. The market outlook is expected to continue to fluctuate upwards, consuming 173-183 sets of hard disk.


The second time to touch the 60-day line, once again formed a strong rebound, but weaker than the first touch, a positive line reversed the four-day Yinxian, and the amount can be effectively enlarged, today if you can stand above 76 Only have the opportunity to continue to attack, if the top 80 pressure level is stable, consider whether to increase the position.


Rushing back and falling, still dominated by shocks, not to let go before the 300, not easy to chase high.


Continued shrinkage shocks, weak rebound, and Ruibo walked a bit like this, this trend is waiting for the big cake 啥 can not hold back, it will fall, it is recommended not to participate.


Today, the heavy volume rebounded, and there is a chance to rebound in the short term. The pressure is 0.068.

It is worth mentioning in these two days that the market leader BNB has seen a continuous decline, indicating that funds have signs of fleeing at high levels. The madman told everyone that the leader is the market's vane, the others are followers, and the leader often precedes the market. Adjustment, ahead of the market, so the indicator of the currency of the currency should focus on the current situation, the overall market is still a state of frenzied small continuation, it is likely to be the last madness of the staged market, beware of risk!

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